• Words by Sonia

The Secret for Extra-Glowing Skin

Autumn and spring are the season for renewal. After the extreme opposite seasons of heat and cold exposure — among other non-friendly weather conditions — your skin needs an extra help with its natural regeneration. Mastering the art of double cleanse is one of the main pillars for a flawless skin, follow these simple 2 steps and your skin will show you gratitude blossoming completely renewed, healthy and radiant as never before.

When I was on my 20’ I thought that “washing my face” was as simple as some soap and water. Maybe I would throw in a quick exfoliator scrub into the mix if I was feeling particularly motivated, and a mask if things got real fancy. After the initial soap-and-water combo, I would also swipe a cotton pad loaded with toner over my face — that without fail — would always come away covered in leftover makeup and/or dirt. Therefore, the soap and water weren’t removing everything my face had accumulated over the course of the day and there was probably still more left even after the cotton pad.

Rather than change my night-time routine, I assumed this was normal and just kept on doing my thing adding more steps in order to get finally a fully clean skin. On top of that, because of stripping away the natural oily barrier our skin produces to hold in moisture; my skin started to react defensively producing more oil and bringing the occasional undesired pimple. I thought my skin was not being cooperative and I resigned myself to just having a fastidiously fussy face.

Nowadays, as a cosmetic chemist and understanding clinically how the skin behaves, I know what was failing in my process and how to do it right: The Double Cleanse.

After nearly 3 months of religiously double cleansing every night, my skin looked happier and, while there were other natural beauty products that undoubtedly contributed, it all started with the double cleanse.

Even though it’s a bit higher maintenance than what you’re probably doing, in fact it only adds a couple of minutes top to your routine, I promise — and it’s totally worth it.

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