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Alchemic Beauty Club

Gain botanical points and turn them into rewards

Sign Up

Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program at our Alchemic Beauty Club

Earn Botanical Points

Purchase a product

Get 1 Botanical Point for every

A$1 spent

Sign up to the site

Get 50 Botanical Points

Redeem Rewards

Redeem your rewards in our Alchemic Beauty Club and receive an email with your correspondent coupon

Which are the current rewards?

Loyalty Care

150 Botanical Points = Receive 15% off your next purchase

Premium Loyalty Care

250 Botanical Points = Receive 25 % off your next purchase

How to redeem your rewards.

Once you have enough botanical points to redeem an award, you get an email notification. You can see the reward on your  'My Rewards' page by login in our Alchemic Beauty Club (login bar at the top right of the site)

When you click 'Get Coupon' next to the relevant reward, you receive a coupon code. You can then copy that code and apply it at checkout for your reward.



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