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Hello, We Are Your Atelier

Make Your Dreams Come True
Atelier, natural cosmetics design

After running my small business for three years I had a clear idea of the challenges every single start-up or small brand faces. We all start with a business plan and a draft of what we think our business niche will be. However, there are so many question marks that will only bring the answers as you walk your path in the vast marketplace.

We live in a world that is mostly focused on BIGthink big & dream big. But can we all start big? In fact, is it big what my business truly needs? Is big sustainable considering my business reach? Big means mass production resulting in more CO2 emissions, more waste and a larger initial investment.

I’ve been involved in beautiful projects for other brands for the past two years and I have created scents as part of other businesses' branding. The sense of smell (or olfaction) is our most primitive sense and yet is one of the most powerful senses that cannot be switched off. Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most important trigger of memory turning it into your most powerful branding element. Make sure you are remembered for good reasons!

What We Offer

The One-Stop Cosmetics Design Place

We design earth-conscious personal care products mindfully produced for small brands or businesses that would like to have personalised cosmetics or scents and want to start small. We can guide you in all the necessary steps to bring your products to market in a professional manner and help you escalate your production as your business' growth. We develop cosmetics as well as fragrance products that will meet your specific espectations and comply with the Australian product safety regulations.

Face Care

Face Care

Face cleansers, face creams, masks, toners, serums, beauty oils, intensive treatments, cosmeceuticals and more...

Body Care

Body Care

Body lotion, body wash, hand wash, hand cream, scrubs, body mist, body butter, oil in gel washes...



Perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Solid Perfumes, Colognes, Fresh Waters...



Aroma blends, bath drops, your bespoke brand essence, aromatherapy roll-ons...

Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair spray, shampoo, hair serum, conditioner, mask, hair oil...

Bath Care

Bath Care

Bath salts, bath milks, bath drops, bath soaks...

Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance

100 % Home Fragrances, Natural Reed diffusers, Candles and Aromatic homewares...



We design selfcare rituals to enrich your clients experience.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Want to go outside the box? This is our jam too! We're here to support your ideas; we love doing new research, find hidden plant-gems for you, try new textures and techniques. Talk to us

Where We Can Assist You

We know how hard humble beginnings are — we’ve been there. You want to bring something special to the world but every time you find something you love they ask you for a gazillion units whether it is for stickers, containers, boxes, etc… Three years of intensive research has put up a fabulous team of collaborators we work with. We don’t have all the answers but we can help you walk this path in a smoother way.


Ingredients Selection & Sourcing

All our cosmetic ingredients and raw materials are sourced with extreme care to ensure that our finished products comply with high standards of safety, efficacy and quality.

Branding Design

We can offer you graphic design for your logo, stickers, cards, leaflets and product packaging. We can also advise the best container for the final product and find a stylish solution for you.

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Regulatory Affairs

We guide you to comply with product safety requirements; from labeling to packaging and other documentation required to comply with the country’s regulation where the product is sold.

Laboratory Testing

We work closely with an Australian accredited testing laboratory to conduct microbiological testing, and stability tests when required. We interpret the results for you and give you the green light when the product is ready for the market.

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Our Latest Creations

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Postal Address

PO Box 3067

Mornington, 3931 VIC


Monday — Friday: 9.00 17.00

Saturday & Sunday : closed

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