November 6, 2019

I don’t believe in skin types.

Our skin is unique, just like us. The biggest living organ in our body is continuously changing as a response to stimulus such as environment, weather, cosmetics, emotions or food. I'd rather believe that skin issues are a response to a sp...

October 2, 2019

Other than the almond eyes, delicate lips, a patrician nose, or the cute doe-eyed face one ought to have perfect skin.

 It might look to be easier said than done.

Despite of the fact that there are individuals who are gifted with the ideal skin, there are a few others -...

September 4, 2019

As you may have read in our newsletter or Instagram posts recently, I’ve reformulated our Aqua Serum Elixir by adding substantial quantities of Australian native plant extracts and other super foods to boost its potency.   

The world’s most potent natural active ingredi...