Mist of Roses

Mist of Roses is made from Bulgarian rose hydrosol; a by-product of the essential oil steam distillation process. In addition, we have included frangipani, gardenia and blueberry extracts (read more about it in Key ingredients). Each time you wrap yourself in an exquisite aura of this fragrant mist, the essence of thousands of petals caresses your skin, evoking a universe of sensations. 


When to use it:


  • When you hit a wall mid-week and need a quick headspace
  • To set your make up
  • When you need a pick me up - keep it in the fridge for maximum freshness
  • When you're feeling hot and bothered - spray it on your face and breathe deeply.
  • Every day after cleansing your skin and before moisturising.


What makes Mist of Roses special?

Rosa Damascena and its essential oil is one of the timeless symbols of Bulgaria. For over 300 years the inhabitants of the Valley of Roses – also known as the pink valleys of Bulgaria – have grown roses and processed them into Bulgarian rose essential oil. The velvety petals of this highly aromatic and delicate flower are picked individually by hand at dawn, just before it comes into full bloom. This is the beginning of a lengthy process of distillation which results in two outstanding products: the sublime essential oil and one of the purest hydrosols in the world.

4000 kg of freshly harvested petals (representing about 15 m2 of fully productive crops) are needed to obtain 1 kg of Bulgarian rose essential oil. Each bottle of Mist of Roses contains the petals of almost two dozen roses distilled. The distillery that supplies us Mist of Roses hydrosol was awarded a gold medal by UNESCO at the international Congress on Essential Oils in Plovdiv in 1964 in recognition of their high standards. Today this distillery is also organic certified by ACO, USDA and European Biocert.

Mist of Roses

  • +Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, also known as Floral Water - not to be confused with floral-infused water - is high in nutrients. It may be applied directly to your face as a calming toner, mild makeup remover, or as a mist to refresh your skin in dry conditions. This beautifully scented daily mist restores and hydrates your skin complexion.

    +Frangipan extract i is beneficial for hydrating and rejuvenating skin as well as creating structure and tone. Frangipani extract with deep-cleansing properties that boost its clarifying ability. It keeps skin supple and firm at the same time promoting natural collagen production. 

    + Gardenia extract is abundant with powerful water-soluble phyto-actives for brightening, de-pigmentation, acne, anti-aging and other skin repair applications.  

    + Blueberry extract is high in two antioxidants — vitamin C and anthocyanin — that helps your skin build more collagen, a protein that gives your skin structure and plumpness.  It helps fortify skin’s matrix and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and laxity.

    +Rose quartz crystals: We have added rose quartz crystals to help you tune into your feminine energy and honour your love of self. The rose quartz boosts your energy and rejuvenates your skin so you can envelop yourself in a veil of confidence and beauty. Mist of Roses is suitable for all skin types.







  • Sonia Orts
  • Sonia Orts

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