• Words by Sonia

Why You Should Rock The Mist

Updated: Feb 25

Have you been hearing about facial mists but unsure what the hype is all about? Or better yet, how exactly would you use them?

If you ever happen to walk by my desk, I guarantee you'll see a bottle of face mist. Probably multiple bottles of mists. I use them as cleanser, serums and mood triggers. We have just released a new face mist — Dew Drops — this weekend and reformulated as well as increased recently our mists collections. Hence, I wanted to throw some light on one of the most unfairly underrated beauty product that is now picking up steam: the unknown world of mists.

When I was on my 20’ I wasn't convinced of their virtues — I used to think they were just fancy water — refreshing, maybe, but that was all.

I was SO wrong. It turns out that mists are actually one of the most versatile and multitasking beauty products. I learn that they’re not only one to suit every skin type, but they can moisturise, calm, treat skin conditions and much more! It all comes down to their formulation.

The Benefits of Misting

Most plant extracts come in the liquid form whether it is cellular extraction, a hydroalcoholic solution or a hydroglycerinated one. Consequently, the easiest way to apply plant actives and enjoy their benefits on your skin is spraying a face mist.

What sets our next-generation Wellbeing & Face mists apart are in fact, their formulations, which have been designed with crazy-high standards. Instead of just feeling nice on the skin (and fun to spritz), they actually get work done. While pretty much all of them hydrate the skin, we have mists that tone skin, set makeup, act as an anti-ageing serum to nourish skin throughout the day, stimulate and revitalise dull skin or even cool skin down.

But regardless of the bonus benefits, hydration is still the star on this show. When your skin is dehydrated, its