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Why You Should Rock The Mist

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Have you been hearing about facial mists but unsure what the hype is all about? Or better yet, how exactly would you use them?

If you ever happen to walk by my desk, I guarantee you'll see a bottle of face mist. Probably multiple bottles of mists. I use them as cleanser, serums and mood triggers. We have just released a new face mist — Dew Drops — this weekend and reformulated as well as increased recently our mists collections. Hence, I wanted to throw some light on one of the most unfairly underrated beauty product that is now picking up steam: the unknown world of mists.

When I was on my 20’ I wasn't convinced of their virtues — I used to think they were just fancy water — refreshing, maybe, but that was all.

I was SO wrong. It turns out that mists are actually one of the most versatile and multitasking beauty products. I learn that they’re not only one to suit every skin type, but they can moisturise, calm, treat skin conditions and much more! It all comes down to their formulation.

The Benefits of Misting

Most plant extracts come in the liquid form whether it is cellular extraction, a hydroalcoholic solution or a hydroglycerinated one. Consequently, the easiest way to apply plant actives and enjoy their benefits on your skin is spraying a face mist.

What sets our next-generation Wellbeing & Face mists apart are in fact, their formulations, which have been designed with crazy-high standards. Instead of just feeling nice on the skin (and fun to spritz), they actually get work done. While pretty much all of them hydrate the skin, we have mists that tone skin, set makeup, act as an anti-ageing serum to nourish skin throughout the day, stimulate and revitalise dull skin or even cool skin down.

But regardless of the bonus benefits, hydration is still the star on this show. When your skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier gets weaker, which means collagen and elastin can break down faster. By keeping it well moisturised, you're setting yourself up for smoother and glowier skin in the long run.

Most of us have been taught to moisturise our skin twice a day—once in the morning and again in the evening. But what if our skin needs more than that?

As an example, in Korea—where practising good skin care is kind of a national sport—instead of using moisturiser at morning and night time, Korean women are all about 24/7 hydration. Sounds intense, right? Hold on, that much face cream?! Nope, here’s where the face mist comes in. If you go for a stroll in Seoul, chances are, you'll catch someone spritzing her face with a mist.

How to Use Them

Good news! You don't have to add another step into your skin care routine. Phew!😅

Face mists are best as on-the-go hydrators, spritzed on whenever your skin feels uncomfortable or tight during the day—or when you just feel like you need a pick-me-up. It also minimises the drying effects of indoor heating, as well as cooling air-cons — keep it close by if you're trapped inside at any time. As for spraying face mist over makeup, it's totally fine. In fact, they often help makeup last even longer and give skin a fresh, dewy sheen.

Here are 7 reasons to use a facial mist, and discover they’re a whole lot more than just splashing water on your face…

1. Time to Wake Up!

This one may seem obvious, but there is nothing quite like a little face mist to help rejuvenate and assist on waking you up at whatever the time of day. This goes without saying—face mist is the fastest-ever skin reviver. Spritzing your face feels cooling and refreshing on a hot day, post-yoga class or whenever you hit that midday slump at the office.

2. To Boost Absorption of Other Products

Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing any products you put on it. So, if you want to maximise the performance of your lotions, creams and face oils, try using them on top of a layer of face mist— like you would do with a serum— they'll penetrate deeper, giving your skin more of their beneficial ingredients. The same thing goes for masks—they'll glide on more smoothly and sink in easily if your skin is moist, instead of dry. A little clarification here: traditional serums are water-based. However, as the face oil trend grows, more oils are now marketed as 'serums' mistakenly. I hear you! Marketing keeps getting us always confused!

3. Give your Makeup a Refresh

If you apply it before foundation, a layer of face mist can create a smoother, more hydrated canvas over which to apply your makeup. What's the key to the natural-looking foundation that looks like real skin? Blend, blend, blend! There is nothing worse than going from the office to a dinner/event with tired or cakey makeup. Or perhaps worse, adding more makeup to already old makeup. A facial mist gives a new lease to your makeup and makes it easier to add to it and blend in. By encouraging foundation to spread more easily, giving you a sheer, even finish instead of looking cakey. Another great trick is to use your face mist to dampen a makeup sponge. Then, gently press it into your skin to remove any excess product.

4. To Soothe Sensitive Skin

If your skin is prone to sensitivity, a face mist can help take down redness, calm irritation and replenish lost moisture. It just needs to be the right face mist.

5. Keep your Skin Hydrated.

Keep a facial mist at home, carry one in your handbag, at the office and always remember to pack it with you on the plane. A facial mist is like drinking water. If you feel really thirsty then you’re already dehydrated, and same goes for tight and dry skin. Keep up the hydration for supple, hydrated skin, one of the best ways to fight the signs of ageing. Bonus: Unlike repeat applications of moisturiser, a mist won't mess up your makeup!

6. To Help Control Breakouts

A mist can even help to keep acne-prone skin in check. The production of sebum—the fat that clogs pores to form pimples—increases with a rise in skin temperature. So if your face feels hot, excess of oiliness and breakouts might appear.

7. To Dilute Other Products

Sometimes, a product just isn't working. Maybe the consistency is too thick, the texture is too heavy, or the coverage level is too opaque. Face mist can come in handy because you can make your own DIY concoctions—say, diluting a cream into a lotion, or thinning out a foundation into a sheer tint, or giving a better spreadability to your sunscreen.

Are all face mists the same?

Not necessarily! Here's how to tell the difference:

Face mist vs thermal water: Thermal water is a type of face mist that is purely water (and with a higher mineral content than regular water, which helps with dryness). Face mists contain not just water but additional humectant and active ingredients.

Face mist vs toner: a toner is meant to be used after washing your face, to remove all traces of cleanser, tone your skin and prepare it for moisturising. They used to have a higher alcohol content to kill bacteria and preserve the solution but nowadays you find many options with very low or non-existent alcohol content. Mist, on the other hand, can go on at any time of day and is usually more nourishing. That said, hydrating toners are now becoming more popular, and would be similar to face mists.

Face mist vs essence: In the beauty sphere, essence is a type of water-based serum, usually with a gel-like consistency that you pat on with your fingertips like our Aqua Serum Elixir. It's packed with a higher percentage of active ingredients than a mist and is meant to go underneath moisturizers to add an extra layer of hydration or in our alchemic night routine as an intensive night treatment.

Face mist vs setting spray: a setting spray is a makeup product rather than skincare one and contains film-formers (like synthetic polymers) that lock makeup in place. A natural mist can also set makeup but is made of more skin-loving ingredients that can help makeup look more natural, rather than giving it a more staying power.

In short, natural mists are so worthy—very versatile beauty products, multi-tasking and extremely easy to apply them. It all comes down to formulation but overall a natural mist is a great and very cost-effective addition for your skin as well as for your mood. I hope this helps you understand the true importance of this underrated product that is now acquiring its well-deserved recognition.

Keep glowing naturally,

Sonia x


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