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Aqua Serum Elixir

The Aqua Serum Elixir represents the element of Water. In Spanish alchemy, the element of water represents the life essence of a plant. It combines the qualities of coldness and moistness. 
Based on the ancient tradition of Spanish Alchemy and spagyric principles I have created an intensive and highly concentrated night treatment made by alchemic tinctures that have been “rhythmified ” with gold, blue sapphire, aqua aura and tanzine aura gems to support your skin’s natural processes of renewal. The Aqua Serum Elixir is a silky gel-like serum crafted to help you improve your skin’s health and restore your natural beauty. This alchemical treatment stimulates the natural activity and moisturising processes of your skin by eliminating dead skin cells and giving birth to a renewed flawless skin. 

Aqua Serum Elixir provides a hydrating base (like a moisturiser, but without adding fatty moisture to your skin) while refining pores and promoting firmness and elasticity. It is specially indicated as an anti-ageing treatment and reduces free radicals which cause premature ageing. It also helps to remove skin spots caused by sun exposure. In order to get the best results, use Aqua Serum Elixir every night for at least 3 full moon cycles starting on a new moon and always after cleansing your skin. This elixir is an essential part of the Alchemic Facial Protocol.

**Important information about The Alchemic Night Routine

The Alchemic Facial Protocol is based on an oil-free night routine. The oil-free approach for night-time skin care respects the skin's inherent wisdom. Oil-based night creams do not allow the skin to "breathe" and can inhibit the skin's natural functions when it is most active. I highly recommend applying only the Aqua Serum Elixir after your nightly cleansing routine. Therefore, if you are new to the Alchemic Facial Protocol and your skin has been used to rich and heavy night moisturisers you may experience some tightness/dryness during the transition. Applying a little bit of Whipped Cream late in the afternoon (or early evening) or mixing a little bit of Whipped Cream with the Aqua Serum Elixir and reducing the amount of cream gradually will help to ease this temporary condition.

Aqua Serum Elixir

GST Included |
  • +New 4 core Australian botanicals: we have added Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Lilly Pilly and Davison Plum because of their high potency due to the incredible quantities of Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants found in them. When applied to the skin these nutrients will offer sun protection, anti-inflammatory effect and will bring extra radiance to your skin. They are exceptionally hydrating providing superior skin conditioning.

    +NEW Protective Mineral Complex derived from the mineral gemstone Malachite, a beautiful greeny-blue stone sourced from central Africa and created from the weathering of copper deposits.  Chemically the mineral is a hydrated copper carbonate. Copper is well known for the important role it plays in the skin as an antioxidant, in keratin synthesis and on collagen and elastin production. This extract has been found to quench the superoxide anion much more efficiently than Gallic Acid when it was tested in cell culture.

    +NEW Green Coffee seeds that provide moisturising, softening, nourishing and toning qualities recommended for dry, sensitive and delicate skin. Coffee seeds in general contain a significant amount of tannins which offer astringent properties found to be valuable in applications for oily skin as well. Green Coffee seeds also have antioxidant, smoothing, restructuring and regenerating qualities which make it ideal for anti-ageing treatment for mature and damaged skin.

    +AHA fruits Acids: Alpha-hydroxy acids have been shown to promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Clinical trials have found AHA Fruit Acid can increase cell turn-over by between 24-38% gently stimulating the skin to produce more collagen.

    +Organic Rose hydrosol and extracts: Throughout history roses have been used as symbols of love and beauty. Roses are one of my favourite ingredients to use in skincare. Rose hydrosol, extract and essential oil are: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, moisturizing, naturally fragrant, relaxing, and toning. In addition to rose I have added other powerful regenerating botanical extracts such as sacred lotus, iris and ginkgo Biloba among others.

    +Aloe vera means "goddess" in Sanskrit and has long been an all-purpose beautifying aid because of its extraordinary vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content; the basics for keeping skin firm, hydrated and soft.
    +My alchemic synergy: Nefertiti’s and Cleopatra’s beauty secrets were mainly based on two essential oils due to their strongly regenerative skin benefits; myrrh and incense. 
    + Alchemical Gems: Aqua aura is quartz that is gold-infused, becoming an alchemical crystal. It is created by heating quartz crystals to over 1500F in a vacuum equal to two earth atmospheres. Once the right heat and vacuum is attained, chemically purified gold vapours are let into the chamber with the crystals. This bonds the gold to the lattice of the crystal, forming a permanent bond to the surface of the quartz, giving it an electric blue colour. Physically Aqua Aura is reputed to help with stress-related physical illness and immune system issues helping you build a strong protective skin barrier. Tanzine Aura is credited with regulating the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands bringing equilibrium to the system. It supports optimal metabolic and hormonal balance and good assimilation of minerals, resulting in physical and mental well-being. The magnificent Blue Sapphire, the gem of gems, is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

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