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The No-So-Secret Musts For Luminous Skin

Transitioning into the opposite season with grace —and glow— means strategically upgrading your skincare routine before that season starts. The truth is, our skin’s needs truly change this time of year (Spring and Autumn) and making adjustments now will pay off all seasons long.

Switching in some deeply hydrating solutions is a must, but that’s only step one. Protecting our skin this coming season requires small shifts in our daily habits and a few extra steps in our daily skincare routine. Read on to learn how:

These are the daily habits for glowing skin during the transitioning seasons.

Energise your water

Yes, drinking plenty of good quality water is key, but as long as you’re making the effort, why not superpower your water with a squeeze of citrus, crushed leaves, a trace mineral tincture or herbal tea? Believe it or not, infusing water with the tiniest bit of salt can also be beneficial for your health.

Hydrate your skin with food

Yes, water is key for good hydration, but did you know that hydrating foods are also important for skin health and hydration? During the colder months, hydrating foods like broth, puréed veggie soup and herbal tea are the perfect way to stay warm while deeply hydrating your body. We love bone broth for all that skin-supporting collagen, but if you’re vegan you can also try a mineral-rich veggie broth. For the warmer months coconut water, smoothies, freshly squeezed juice will do it. Read more about the right food for each skin condition in our article Which Is Your Right Skin Food and find many more in our Beauty from Inside category.

Supercharge your skincare

There’s no better way to blossom this Spring than giving your skin a fair boost of active ingredients.⁠ You know, we only pack freshly brewed active ingredients blended in micro batches. Why are we obsessed with freshness? To ensure that when applied to your skin we keep ‘supercharged' the nutrients. ⁠Our supercharged Aqua Serum Elixir is our night secret to a fresh renewed skin in the morning, and it is packed with super antioxidants from Australian natives extracts. Read more about if Australian Native Extracts Are A Trend Or Verified Science here.

Regular exfoliation

This is what it’s all about when it comes to glowing skin in every season. There’s no more satisfyingly effective skincare habit than a good facial scrub, you can create a custom-made scrub at home with ingredients from your pantry. Find some inspiration in many of our articles from the section Beauty Lab.

Our Floral Cleanser does a great job without stripping the moisture of the most sensitives skins.

Schedule time for yourself

Look at your calendar and make sure you haven’t overextended yourself. Stress is at the root of many health problems and skin reflects our overall health. Want glowing skin? Be good to yourself by planning a bit of time to rest, reflect and a good sweat throughout the week. Take a look at your plans for the season: will they actually make you happy? Or will you be overtaxed, unrested and over stressed? If your answer is the latter, you can expect your skin to look the same. Our Wellbeing rituals Sweet Dreams and Harmony will lend you a help feeling calmer and more balanced.

Layer your skincare

There are days so dry that no amount of cream or oil seems to satisfy your skin — that’s where a hydrating serum comes in. If you’re not already layering your skincare products, consider giving a serum a go — and here’s why: a moisturising serum will do what your moisturizer alone can’t. A serum can provide a layer of moisture underneath your daily moisturizer that’s more effective than simply piling on a thicker layer of your cream. Read our article to learn more about How to Optimise Your Skincare.

Make sleep a priority

Make a pact with yourself to always remove makeup before hitting the sheets (even after a late night). A simple one-step cleanser that also removes makeup is key to keeping up with good habits. Falling asleep with clean skin ensures that you’re making the most of those healing hours of beauty sleep and avoiding clogged pores or breakouts. It’s not a coincidence she was called The Sleeping Beauty, find out why.

And that’s it! Just a few healthy habits to keep your skin luminous all year round, specially when transitioning between the opposite seasons.

Nothing like a natural glow,

Sonia x


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