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Skin-Refreshing Survival Kit

From a crystal rollerball that fends off puffiness to fruit-infused masks that tighten pores and bring down your body temperature, this is your survival kit for hot summer days.

Doing anything that requires movement on a hot summer day can be a challenge — whether it’s an early-morning workout or exploring hilly streets on foot during your summer season. Either way, you’re soaked in sweat and in need of an instant cooling remedy. While sitting in a portable refrigerator chamber isn’t an option (yet!), considering this assortment of skin-chilling products and body-calming hacks might be your next best option.

Have a Medicinal Bath

Fill your tub with warm water and pour in ¼ cup of Milk + Honey + this bouquet garni of herbals specially indicated for sore muscle soak — our fave remedy blend would be comprised of arnica, eucalyptus, rosemary and refreshing mint. This herbal blend relaxes stressed-out muscles and infuses energy back into tired limbs. But don’t hop in when the water while it is hot (that would only make you sweat more). Instead, let this brew soak for a few minutes, and when the water is lukewarm (about 5 minutes), then sink in.

Don’t Suffocate Your Pores

Slathering on a thick deodorant on hot skin is actually not a great idea. Not only will it just slide right off, but you don’t want to block your pores from releasing sweat — this is how your body cools off. A better option would be a natural deodorant based on a herbal-infused mixture, which balances your body odour without forming an occlusive layer or destroying healthy (good) bacteria on your skin. Try this home-made remedy:

  • 25 ml Witch Hazel Extract

  • 15 ml Spearmint or mint hydrosol

  • 10 ml Vodka (40%proof)

  • 5 drops Orange

  • 5 Teat Tree

  • 5 Sage

  • 2 Spearmint

Antiperspirant-free that avoids the use of pore-restricting aluminium in favour of witch hazel extract, a naturally effective and astringent component for odour control. Spearmint and sage essential oils provide a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Low alcohol formulation will not irritate skin or leave white stains—although you might feel a lil bit of tingling when firstly applied.

Fruity Mask On-the-Go

At-home masks are a perfect way to give your skin a boost of added hydration, treat sensitive skin or combat acne. Without breaking the bank, you can easily try a homemade sheet mask that is just as effective as relaxing. The sheet is simply a vehicle to transport the fluids or ingredients to sink in the skin. Use a durable paper towel and spray Dew Drops until fully damp—our unique blend of botanical extracts from fruits is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phyto-actives and leaves the complexion feeling refreshed, radiant and revitalised. If you can store your homemade sheet mask in the fridge or a cooler bag, do it (5 min should be enough). The icy sensation will help minimise puffiness and inflammation, while also bringing down your internal body temperature. Dew Drops mist supports the skin’s natural processes of cleansing and renewal, refines the appearance of pores, balancing moisture and oil content, and leaves skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant. For a more nourishing mask, add to the sheet mask rosehip oil.

If you would like to treat acne moist your sheet mask with witch hazel extract mixed with 3 drops of teat tree and 2 drops of lavender. Tea tree’s antibacterial properties are a great addition to any sheet mask, especially for anyone battling acne. Lavender is a wonderful anti-inflammatory essential oil, soothes redness and balance skin oil production. Witch hazel is also wonderful for calming inflammation and redness common in sensitive skin. Together, they can make a beneficial acne treatment mask.

Massage Your Skin with Crystals

Our Wellbeing Roll-ons come with a clear quartz rollerball — a beauty tool designed to glide over specific points of your face to stimulate your lymphatic system. These rolling movements help flush unwanted toxins, banish puffiness and lift your skin. Give this workout some time for the effects to set in and you’ll look radiant, not red and blotchy. You have a roll-on for each skin concern, chose yours here.

Cool Off with a Mist

Face mists are best as on-the-go hydrators, spritzed on whenever your skin feels uncomfortable or tight during the day—or when you just feel like you need a pick-me-up. It also minimises the drying effects of cooling air-cons — keep it close by if you're trapped inside at any time. As for spraying face mist over makeup, it's totally fine. In fact, they often help makeup last even longer and give skin a fresh, dewy sheen. We love Mist of Roses for its delightful floral scent and as an excellent brightener and anti-aging agent.

Five simple hacks to make your summer a refreshing and pampering beauty experience!

Be Nourished with Natural Potions,

Sonia x


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