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Late Nights? How to Refresh your Skin

Updated: May 4, 2020

If late summer nights, salty snacks and rounds of alcohol have gotten the best of your complexion, here’s your four-step reset.

That’s when you need a fast-acting solution to calm your skin and make everything good again. This 15-minute, five-step routine is designed to do just that — and make your face, if not the rest of your body, appear healthy and well-rested, until the next invitation hits your inbox. At this point in the holiday season, much of your diet has probably come from a passed tray — a BBQ bite here, a flute of champagne there, a handful of salty nuts. Striving for balanced eating and drinking in the midst of holiday merriment is something that eludes even the best of us. Unfortunately, your complexion is not always so well equipped to handle all the late nights, sodium-rich foods and steady alcohol consumption. The next morning often brings a kind of redness and puffiness that’s best described as “the party is over” face. In young times, this swelling and blotchiness fades away by noon. But when you don’t have time to fully rest and recover in busy periods, it can — seemingly —take forever for you complexion to normalise again.

Step 1: Rinse with cold water and a calming cleanser. Start taking down redness with a cold-water splash (literally splash your face with cold water for a minute or two; it constricts blood vessels and really works). Then wash with a gentle cleanser like our Floral Cleanser, which contains iris root and rosehip to tone down puffiness.

Step 2: Try a quick clay mask. The secret to getting rid of puffiness in a hurry is to boost your circulation and stimulate some lymphatic drainage — all of which can help minimise facial bloating. Our Radiance Mask with Golden Aussie clay to draw out toxins and help healing processes. They are also used in slimming wraps, to reduce swelling and assist in healing abscesses. Mixing the mask with water forms a paste that you can gently massage on (pressing with circulation motions) before letting it dry and rinsing off.

Step 3: Mist, mist, mist. When your skin is in recovery mode, you really can’t max out on hydration. Our Mist of Roses has a soothing effect and is high in nutrients. This beautifully scented hydrating mist restores and hydrates your skin complexion; spritzing it on gives you that healthy, wide-awake glow.

Step 4: Soothe your complexion Puffiness can be covered up with makeup but the longer lasting solution is to heal your skin from within. Our Aqua Serum Elixir contains Indigo Naturalis that gives a vibrant blue hue to the formula as a result of the fermentation and oxidization process of the plant. Inspired by its historical use, Indigo Naturalis is still used by traditional herbalists to treat inflammation. Researchers are documenting the impressive results from using Indigo Naturalis as a topical treatment for skin disorders. "Rhythmified" by the magnificent Blue Sapphire, the gem of gems, is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

Last tips: Drink a lot of water to hydrate your body so it doesn’t hold onto water internally (and make your face puffier as a result). And if you get in some movement that helps stimulate your circulation for a healthy complexion. Do you think you could maybe dance some more?

Glow naturally,

Sonia x

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