• Words by Sonia

Five Signs your Skin Suffers Over Exfoliation

Updated: May 4, 2020

Exfoliating is a wonderful thing. A good scrubbing session can leave your skin satin-like soft and glowing for days and as an added bonus, help the ingredients in your products be better absorbed.

It’s such an important ritual that our bodies are designed to do it naturally. We are constantly making new skin cells and getting rid of old ones; in fact the numbers are around 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every day. The skin you see now will be gone in a moon cycle, that is less than a month. Fascinating!

But when you combine natural with on-demand exfoliating from products such as scrubs, masks and some toners, it’s very possible to overdo it. And here’s the surprising thing: you might be over-exfoliating your face right now and not even realise it. That’s because dryness and flaky skin are not the only signs of too much rubbing.

Here are five signs of over-exfoliation and how to strike the right balance to keep your skin super smooth — and happy.

1.You look like you got a sunburn Redness and puffiness are inflammatory responses, signalling that your skin is in distress. When you strip your complexion’s top layer too much, your immune system kicks in and sends cells to repair the area of injury,”Blood flow is increased to help carry these inflammatory cells to the needed areas. The result: a swollen and blotchy face.

2.You have a "crumbled paper" skin Not sure why your face feels like a wrinkled tissue paper? Here's the answer: when too much of the protective layer of dead skin cells is removed, our bodies cannot help our skin to retain water as well; causing that crinkly and dehydrated effect.