• Words by Sonia

The clever alchemical detox program

Updated: May 4, 2020

Spring is certainly considered the best season of the year. Most people are fond of this season, inspiring poets and bringing love in the air. It is the season of the new beginnings, plans and projects and the season for stretching out after a long winter. Less light and longer nights can have a huge impact on both our psyches and our internal rhythms and this is why the arrival of spring is widely celebrated as it brings a flourish of new opportunities. Widely called the queen of seasons, spring is always the perfect season for a detox program.

From winter we commonly carry to spring two main issues to treat: weight excess along with energy stagnation and a lack of minerals that brings some weakness/tireness.

How to purify and re-energise your body

I’m not a fan of drastic changes, radical diets or intense fasting after a long indulging winter. Psychologically it creates an averse association about purifying your body, mainly because it’s like punishing yourself after having been rewarded. A detox program can be fun, and easy to undertake. You just need to follow these very simple steps. Only one at a time, introduce them slowly and don’t push yourself too hard. Purifying and revitalising your body will bring you a healthier lifestyle, harmony and balance.

Here are some steps to start with:

  • Slow Chewing: