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Business Adventures II

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I’ve got a new project starting next week and I needed to get ready for it. New photos on the website (shooting and editing on my own), also designing the brochures for the new Alchemical Facial Protocol, updating all the product leaflets including the new Trial/Travel packs and restocking some ingredients. Till there, good. But then, in parallel I had to sort out a couple of deliveries that went missing, emails forwards and backwards to resolve bits and pieces of the new upcoming packaging for the Alchemic Perfumes, more design, sample packaging, orders to attend, trips to the post office, some personal delivered orders (cos I love the human contact) and the everyday Instagram post (you have to be inspired like it or not). Phew! The above means work shifts from 7.30am to 5-6 pm having lunch in front of your laptop. Yep, being an alchemist is not always a bed of roses. And then, there’s your personal life to manage as well, oh c’mon!!!

A friend came yesterday and asked me:”have you gone for a walk today?” with, you know that expression that means “you’re not looking good, no, no”. Well that, is an undoubtable signal. She made me think about a couple of things straight away: am I taking enough time to take care of myself? And if I’m not (very likely) how can I suggest other women to do so? I was taught that you cannot teach anybody to do something if you’re not an example of it. My mum always told me that if you want to ask someone to do something you have to be sure it is doable by doing it yourself first. And there we go! I have created a business around wellbeing, balance and products that help women to retrieve their better version of themselves, and here I am looking like crap/acting like mad! I always recommend taking some time to pamper yourself with beautiful products and commit to it every week (the non-negotiable 10 min/day or your weekly pampering slot). Because I DO BELEIVE it is important to reward yourself to find your balance and I KNOW by experience that when you don’t do it you’re very likely to become the sick-stressed-anxious-ogre mum/ wife/ friend... woman. Now, how much am I applying this to me? Lately, 25% (I allowed myself to 45 min of zumba,yay!) ... I know, it’s ridiculous.

It’s so easy to get caught by work, everyday life, children etc... that you don’t realise this is actually happening to you. And I couldn’t be a good advocate of my brand and my philosophy if I am not able to apply this on myself. Let’s be honest, I let myself to be swayed by our on-a-rush life very often. Sorry, I’m not perfect. I try to be mindful, aware, committed, honest, and yogini as much as I can BUT it not always works. Yep, not perfect, but I embraced my imperfections and work with them. I learnt this lesson long ago –about getting stressed and its consequences - and I know when it’s time to stop, rewind, and re-invent myself on a more convenient way. I’ve ticked all the boxes for this week tasks, but the task list on a business is endless and possesses the power of transformation - yeahhh scarring - survival it’s always up to us.

Therefore don’t push too hard on yourself, be kind and don’t feel guilty either if you’ve done it, just try to be aware of the signals around you and act smart, change it, re-invent yourself because that is your most precious power, your free will. No matter what, there’s always an opportunity to change things. Today I’m going to finish working now, enjoy some reading with a cup of tea, have a nice warm bath with Calming to realign my energetic flows later on and relish a relaxing evening with my hubby and a glass of wine.

You too are ready for this change, just do it! Happy weekend and savour every moment, life goes by so fast.

Sonia x

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