• Words by Sonia

Business Adventures II

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I’ve got a new project starting next week and I needed to get ready for it. New photos on the website (shooting and editing on my own), also designing the brochures for the new Alchemical Facial Protocol, updating all the product leaflets including the new Trial/Travel packs and restocking some ingredients. Till there, good. But then, in parallel I had to sort out a couple of deliveries that went missing, emails forwards and backwards to resolve bits and pieces of the new upcoming packaging for the Alchemic Perfumes, more design, sample packaging, orders to attend, trips to the post office, some personal delivered orders (cos I love the human contact) and the everyday Instagram post (you have to be inspired like it or not). Phew! The above means work shifts from 7.30am to 5-6 pm having lunch in front of your laptop. Yep, being an alchemist is not always a bed of roses. And then, there’s your personal life to manage as well, oh c’mon!!!