• Words by Sonia

Still Sitting On The Fence About Fragrance?

I get it — change is uncomfortable — but it can also be a very good thing. Especially if you want to improve your health and reduce your impact on the planet — just to name two of many reasons why you should say no to synthetic fragrances. Transitions sometimes bring heaps of frustration and disappointment — but I’d like to make your switch to natural alchemic perfumery a very rewarding and enjoyable journey.

So, let’s dive a little bit deeper into the world of perfume and understand some key information. I’m a firm believer that fear mostly comes from lack of knowledge — the more we educate ourselves the more confident we walk on any pathway.

Longevity vs Sillage

Perfume terminology might be a bit complex for an amateur — however to make sure you are fully informed it’s important to understand what certain perfumes can render and how they perform so you make the most out of your next choice.

Longevity of a perfume is the ‘lifetime’ of the perfume. This means the length of time a perfume lasts on the skin. The longevity of the perfume is based on how long you can still get a whiff of the perfume from your skin.