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How to Make this (Un)Usual Mother's Day Delightful

There’s a lot of pressure on us all when it comes to Mother's Day gift ideas. You want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly functional. It should also have a sentimental twist. But over-thinking it only makes the whole process harder. So don’t! Mother's Day is about something else...

For some of us, this year’s Mother’s Day celebration will be completely different as the distance might play an important role – besides the financial adjustments and the uncertainty some people are suffering right now.

The truth is that Mother’s Day is just about making the day all about her

You have probably received our special promo for Mother’s Day with discounts store-wide for all budgets. (If you haven’t here’s a link) But we want to contribute a little bit more by sharing some inspiration for making an (Un)Usual Mother’s Day Delightful without spending a fortune.

Here are some ‘you-are-adorable’ ideas:

Memories Journal

Fill a notebook with your favourite memories. Think back as far as you can, dig out all the gems of togetherness, all the little things you shared. You can glue in photos, bits of fabric from special occasions etc…

Cook a meal

If you’re not a MasterChef winner don’t stress. Take time to think about what Mum likes – meals made with love are always a success. Just go simple. You can also surprise her with some unexpected cocktail making expertise. Find some inspiration here and start shaking the shaker!

If all else fails, ask someone for help. And if you’re under the same roof remember: CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS!

If you are not living in the same house, leave your special creation at the front door with a personal note. Caring for someone is one of the four reasons we can go out.

Mums memory lane

Set aside an hour or two and get Mum to tell you about her life (over the phone if needed). When she talks, listen. Treasure her words. She might need a little prompting, so ask questions like: ‘What is your earliest memory?’ ‘Your most embarrassing moment?’ ‘What did you enjoy most about growing up?’ ‘If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?’ ‘Is there anything your parents did that you vowed never to do as a parent?’ ‘What did you love most about your Mum?’

Treat her with a DIY beauty treatment

We have dozens of recipes in this blog. Browse and choose the one you think she’ll love and enjoy an all-natural beauty treatment together – something you and Mum can do together when winding down for the day. If you are in separate houses, give her a ring and share the recipe – you may want to have a video call while sharing that mask together?

Gift her with a massage

Give her a nice relaxing massage on her hands, feet or head with some macadamia, peanut or grapeseed oil (which you can find at the supermarket) and a few drops of orange essential oil. If you don’t have essential oils, pour the oil you are using into a glass jar, peel off the rind of an orange (without the white pith) and add it to the oil, macerate for a week, shake it every day and the oil will be perfumed. You can do this with any citrus rind. Alternatively, you can make a gift certificate (handmade is important) for full body massage when we all go back to normal.

Do the cleaning

The dishes, washing, shopping, tidying up – whatever you can to help make her day special

Share a special moment with her

Watch your Mum’s favourite movie with her, read a magazine or a book together in the garden. Practice yoga together or turn the music on for a good dance! You know what her favourite activities are – share them with her.

I hope these ideas have inspired you. Make sure Mum remembers 2020 for a good reason – create a lovely unforgettable day for her.


Sonia x


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