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Transitioning Conveniently Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Autumn

People love summer season—the cheerful season of holidays, dips in the ocean, and nights under the stars. But summer also brings sweating, bug bites, sunburn, and other not-so-loved issues your skin might suffer from.

Sure, it may take a few weeks for your face to transition from the milder spring weather (and another few to settle into the new normal of heat and humidity), but once your skin gets the hang of summer… Oh boy, you do glow! All the extra moisture in the air is ultra hydrating for skin. And the fact that you may have ditched a full face of makeup means your extra-hydrated skin also got to breathe.

Needless to say, autumn hits right as your skin is finding its summer pace. But don’t fret! Your skin can love autumn weather, too and keep the summer glow. Just follow these few tips I share below.

Tip 1: Clear out the dirt.

You (hopefully) spent the last few months slathering SPF on your face, sweating and possibly having makeup melt into your pores. Sure, you had a dewiness about you, and you were diligently double-cleansing (the best scenario), but a deep clean is the best place to start as you get ready for autumn.

What better way to clear out the gunk than introducing a cleansing mask routine? Start by clearing out the cobwebs with a cleansing mask that contains charcoal, mud or clay to pull the gunk out of your clogged pores, remove dead cells as well as the damaged ones. A few nights later, luxuriate in a hydrating mask packed with aloe or green tea to balance it all out. We have many easy DIY recipes in our blog you can try, alternatively our Radiance Mask does an excellent job!

Tip 2: Commit to a morning and evening routine.

I know, I know—two separate, different skincare routines in one day might be asking a lot? You know I love simplicity in my beauty rituals that deliver results. That’s the reason our products are comprehensive so you don’t need to use many to cover a wide range of goals. Follow our alchemic beauty routine and you will only need two step-ritual for morning and night. Acclimating your face to the changing weather requires a little help.

Tip 3: Don’t freak if your skin does.

Transition is hard. If your skin starts to act up on account of the changing weather and/or your new skincare routine, cut it some slack. Skin is a living, breathing thing, which means it requires time to adjust and adapt. If you’re worried about flare-ups, transition in baby steps by changing up one element of your routine every few days. Some blemishes are normal when we are undergoing through a detox regime, slow down the number of times you use your cleansing mask, and it will all go back to normal.

Tip 4: Stay hydrated.

Honestly, this is true year-round so don’t be surprised if I lean on it again when we talk transitioning from autumn to winter. One of the most important things you can do for your skin, no matter the season, is to stay hydrated. When you’re getting enough water, things just work better, skin included. So invest in a cute reusable water bottle. Drink from it often. Refill it. Drink from it again. I promise you’ll notice a difference. Spray our face mists Dew Drops and Mist Of Roses as much as you need, your skin will love you for that.

Four simple steps that will help your skin to transition to the new season effortlessly.

Which are your fave beauty products for autumn?

Glow from within,

Sonia x


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