• Words by Sonia

The Guardians Of Time

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul; hands are the guardians of time.

I think we can all agree that winter and skin are not always the best of friends. I don’t know about you – but for me the second the temperature starts to drop; my skin makes a fuss.

Our hands tend to age much quicker than other parts of the body. Because our hands are often exposed to the harsh winter elements, they can take a good whipping when temperatures plummet. Hand washing may help prevent you from getting sick, but it also strips any natural moisture away from your skin, especially when they are made with strong detergents. On top of that, if irritated and painful hands are not bad enough, cracks in the skin can provide an entry for germs and allergens, causing further inflammation. That is why nourishing and infusing hydration into your skin is so important.

To keep my hands in tip top shape, I like to use every day natural and gentle household products combined with nourishing essential oils to help calm and heal my skin. To prepare and nurture your hands during winter add these three natural steps to your manicure and show your skin a little extra love this winter.

You can also add essential oils to a simple scrub, a nail soak or cuticle oil for even more benefits. My go-to essential oils are sweet orange to nourish, lemon to soften and lavender to soothe.

Here are the three steps for renewed hands