• Words by Sonia

Off On The Right Foot

Feet are often our most neglected body part, and we usually don’t realise just how important they are in our day-to-day activities until we suffer an injury. Even a minor blister or a stubbed toe can impact our day and make it miserable.

Photo Credit: Nutra Organics

Are you a barefoot kind of person? I love to get rid of my shoes as often as possible at home – I also find very pleasant walking barefoot on sand and/or grass. But when that time of the year comes – when your feet are on display in cute sandals – soft soles and non-cracked heels are a must!

Whether we are on our feet all day chasing our dreams, or standing for long time periods in our job, or not making the most practical footwear choices – enjoying a spa night designed specially for your feet shall relieve inflammation , swelling and soreness with only ingredients from your pantry. Plus your house might just end up smelling like a first class SPA retreat.

These are the 3 steps to follow


A foot soak is an underrated indulgence. Combine these three wonders from nature and we’ve got the makings of an evening foot spa.