• Words by Sonia

Post-Summer Reset with my fave 6 Smoothies

Updated: May 4, 2020

When it comes to blending up nutritious and delicious smoothies, there's a little bit of a science to the whole thing although the recipe is super simple.

Here's my go-to formula basics for whipping up a healthy smoothie recipe:

Fruit or veggies (or both!)

What would a smoothie be without fruit or vegetables? They provide hydrating water and satiating fibre. I always make sure to include at least a cup of produce in my smoothie recipes. My go-to fruit is a frozen banana, which takes away the need for adding ice. I also love blending berries and adding a full spoon of passion fruit for extra vitamin C.


For a smoothie to stick with you for a while, it needs protein. There are many options, and my fave is plain Greek yoghurt. If you use kefir, you probably won't need to add any additional liquid. With the other options, you might—and that liquid could be water, milk, plant milk, or even 100% juice.

Healthy fat

This is another key ingredient for blending up a smoothie that'll fill you up. My favourite healthy fats to include are nut butter, raw coconut oil and avocado. You can also ble