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The Power of Opposites

Negative noise is everywhere in our society, but it is also inside our heads. Here is the power of the opposites, by switching any inner noise for its opposite you are improving your life. Here is why:

Worry is the loudest internal noise.

The best antidote to worry is its polar opposite: gratitude for the present.

Worry asks: what bad things could happen? Gratitude asks: what great things are actually happening?

Take two minutes to write down 10 things you feel positive about- your children, your values, your personality, your beliefs. Then share them with your family and friends.

Researchers at Chicago University found that when people wrote about their positives feelings for a few minutes, they significantly lowered their levels of worry and harmful cortisol levels.

And incredibly it raised their performance on tests of memory and critical skills by 10% or 15%.

By emitting positive energy and cancelling out that external noise, you can get back the signal that leads to meaning, success, sustained happiness, and even longer and healthier life.

Again, looking at the brighter side provides us with a better life!

Wishing you a magical day

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