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Spring Essentials

Updated: May 4, 2020

I can smell a new scent in the air.... the birds are singing and dancing, the sun smiles more often, the blue of the sea is getting turquoise, and my heart is waking up. This is the magical way, the season's song will shift and change. All the elements will rearrange!

For this new season I would recommend the following essential oils as the Firt Aid Kit.

Lemon Lemon was introduced in the Mediterranean by Greeks and Romans merchants from the Ancient Persia. Lemon is another excellent Winter-Spring essential oil as it provides a cheerful effect on the body during periods of illness and can restore mental fortitude. It acts as a tonic whilst lifting the spirits and gives you the extra boost you need when feeling fatigued. The fresh, zesty aroma blends well with medicinal scents such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Tea Tree and its cleansing properties offer extra benefits when incorporated in body wash or soap formulations. Lemon is perfect worker as antibacterial!

Lavender Its name comes from the Latin form "lavare" which means to purify. The plant is originally Mediterranean but today grows in many places all around the world. Lavender is a universal oil that should always be included in your aromatherapy kit. It is one of the few essential oils suitable for use with babies and can help soothe a restless child to sleep. You can vaporise in their bedroom or incorporate it in a gentle night time chest balm for comforting results (on babies never use more than 1% of essential oil). Soaking in a warm bath is an excellent way to ease seasonal chills and support your overall health and wellbeing. It is specially effective when you include Lavender in the tub. Mixing it with a water dispersible bath oil or Epsom salts and dissolving under running water will promote a state of relaxation and encourage deep sleep to allow your body to recuperate.

Tea Tree Already used with medicinal purposes by Aboriginals, Tea Tree takes its name from Capitan Cook men whom saw aboriginal people having a drink from an infusion of tea tree leaves. They loved its crisp and spicy flavour and they named it as the Tea Tree. Tea tree oil is a favourite to have handy during all seasons for its strong antiseptic properties. When incorporated in hand and body wash products, it offers powerful cleansing benefits that will help minimise the spread of nasties between family members. It is also an ideal choice for a massage oil blend to relieve muscular aches and pains. And added to mouthwashes acts like the perfect antibacterial! Tip: Add up to 2% to your kids shampoo base and you will never see lice and nits again!

Recipe to help healing wounds and injuries ( doses for adults and kids over 12 years old) [Apply every day all over the wound]

· 50 ml Saint John Wort oil

· 50 ml Rosehip oil

· 40 drops Lavender

· 40 drops Lemon

· 20 drops Tea Tree

Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, a box where sweets compacted lie. George Herbert

Sonia x

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