• Words by Sonia

The Green Brainwashing Tales

Updated: Jul 26

It may seem to you the title of a fairy-tale but unfortunately, it's as real as the fact that we live in the so-called era of misinformation. Every day we are bombarded by tons of messages from the beauty industry and although they may seem to be very clear they include words like ‘inspired by’, 'from a natural source' or 'derived from natural ingredients' that can deceive you and give a false impression of what you are truly buying.

So, let's clarify from the beginning what matters in cosmetics: the ingredients.

There are five categories of ingredients that determine their ‘natural-ness’ in the cosmetic science world. These are their abbreviations and definitions:

N as natural

NDM as derived from nature with minimal processing (they are obtained by natural chemical reactions of natural elements or mechanical processes like cold press)

NDS as derived from nature complexed with/or processed using synthetic chemicals

NI as nature-identical ingredients

S as synthetic ingredients

Only two of these categories are considered natural – N and NDM. Although the rest are not, you will find claims suggesting that they are with comments like 'from natural source X' or 'from natural plant X'. For example, Cocamidopropyl betaine is sourced from coconut oil but is an NDM ingredient, therefore nor considered natural.

Let me show you closer each of them: