• Words by Sonia

Ambrosia For The Festive Season

We've been waiting for so long...and things have changed so much since it all started. We know that going back to normal will take time, in fact, a lot of time, but we can't give up.

Summer season is around the corner and after a very long winter/spring under lockdown, we are so ready for the upcoming gatherings, celebrations and much-delayed catchups. If going to a resto, bar or cafe is becoming complicated; be the rocking star host and make your family and friends day. I share here some gorgeous drink recipes to keep those spirits high!

If nature laughs in flowers, it sweetens in fruits. Little sweet treats to be enjoyed on its own, on a skincare recipe, a smoothie or a cocktail — they always fit wonderfully in any recipe. Jam-Packed with vitamins, valuable nutrients and full of flavour; fruits nectar is definitely the foundation of the divine ambrosia — the famous drink sipped by the gods.

By this time, you must know that my weakness is — naturally — fruit concoctions. I love is the fun of making them and of course enjoying them! ⁠⁠

However, you might want to know that alcohol plays an important role in human balance, coordination and thermoregulation meaning that it’s not your best friend on a hot day. Besides, why the driver should not have as much flavour and fun as the rest of the gang?

⁠The good news is we've got now many options like Seedlip drinks for full flavour non-alcoholic punch to our creations.

I have paired my latest 2020 potions in a classic manner (with alcohol) and an alternative using the new super cool Seedlip way… and no, this is not a paid promotion at all, I just found them a really good deal, lil bit costly but you can always find other options to try with. Making cocktails is about creativity so just release yours!

Strawberry Basil Margaritas