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What makes yours a lovely face?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Other than the almond eyes, delicate lips, a patrician nose, or the cute doe-eyed face one ought to have perfect skin.

It might look to be easier said than done.

Despite of the fact that there are individuals who are gifted with the ideal skin, there are a few others - the larger number indeed - who need to fight the ordinary just to deal with their skin.

What would be then be the most efficient way to achieve a radiant skin?

Enjoying a healthy face skin isn’t as complex as some people might think.

With an appropriate attitude – cos yes, our skin is our emotions' reflection as well - and some tips, one can really manage to achieve a natural and solid skin glow.

Here are a few tips:

1. Get a decent night rest

As stated on our blog post The Sleeping Beauty having a good night sleep is mandatory to a healthy and glowing skin. Give the skin a fair amount of time to its job and you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

2. Eat skin-friendly food

Eat raw food packed with vitamins A, C and E to increase the intake of antioxidants to fight against radicals and premature ageing. Avoid processed food as much as possible and increase the intake of natural sugars contained in fruits and other healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato.

3. Protect her

Your face skin is a she; delicate, feminine and sensitive. From all your body skin she’s the part that is more likely to get damaged as she’s constantly exposed to the sun, wind and dirt (dust, pollution and non-natural cosmetics that are petroleum derived). Therefore, using the adequate sunscreen - depending on the season - an appropriate daily deep cleanser that is gentle before going to bed and a morning moisturiser that contain protective active ingredients will make such a big difference to get back her natural glow.

4. Add purifying sessions to your calendar

It is critical to enjoy a deep purifying session at least once fortnightly. Keep in mind to have a relaxing detox mask at least every two weeks and a mild scrub to get rid of the dead cells at least once a week. And why not to add some detox smoothies, soups or herbal teas to add that extra bonus?

Because when you love your skin, she loves you back.

Keep Sparkling Naturally,

Sonia x

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