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The Alchemical transformation through food

Updated: May 4, 2020

Did you know that food could shape your mood, state of mind and energy flow? Did you know that food could be your best friend or become you worst enemy when you're not making the most favourable choices?

Now that we understand the polarity existent in food, people and every element that conforms the Universe we're ready to discover which are our energetic needs. With this energetic knowledge applied in our kitchen we'll be able to choose properly the most convenient food and cooking method becoming the creator and the source of our vital energy. In our kitchen we create health! How? Firstly, discovering our energetic needs. 1. You need to strengthen and remineralise When you find physical weakness, low energy, low immune system, low memory and concentration. In an emotional way you've lost your centre, the ground and roots in your life, you feel hypersensitive, sadness tendency and low self confidence . That means an increase of minerals, by seaweeds or salty condiments (tamari sauce) along with food and cooking styles which produce inner heat, lightly seasoned with dressing and herbs to bring movement and dynamism

2. You need to nourish and enrich When low energy, low strength, low weight and inner cold. Tendency to dream and to idolise, feeling a lack of love.

Nourishment is generate by choosing food with a nurturing quality (fish, veggie proteins, legumes, seed and nuts) slow cooking method made with oil, time, attention and love.

3. You need inner heat When you're always thinking about trips to hot places, you are very affected by a lack of light or heat, the rain makes you feel miserable. Your mood change considerably depending on the season. Your extremities are always cold, your weakness are kidneys and bladder. There's a tendency to fear, there's no place to adventure. We produce inner heat eating food that warms us up and generates heat by its cooking style (long cooking time) Essentially is all about avoiding things which make us feel cold at any level.

4. You need to get active

Apathetic people, dull without energy and vitality even not being a lack of energy but a stagnation matter. Having many ideas but never put them in practice... There's a lack of inner connection and life spark. We might need to get active by heating or cooling. We need to introduce movement but also know in which direction. With an excess of yang we will activate by cooling down, with an excess of yin we will activate by warming up.

Listen your body messages, listen your heart

5. You need to sweeten When there's chaos in your life, no timetables, no balance. Extreme ups & downs, specially in the afternoon, which cause sugar cravings sometimes ignored sometimes silenced by extreme Yin food without long-lasting energy such as alcohol, chocolate or refined sugars. No rest and disconnection from work. The sweetness of the cooking is mainly produce by paying attention and dedicating time to our preparations. Something very common in the traditional homemade cuisine and very unusual and devalue in a "on a rush" modern life.

6. You need to cool down When there's an excess of body fat. You consume too much meat proteins, saturated fat. Your personality is temperamental, irritable, impatient like a volcano about to explode. The lack of energetic flow in life. Weight and fat excess, repressed emotions or rigid and stiff mental attitudes that feed the inner volcano. Firstly we need to find out the source of this fire (emotional, mental or physical) and then harmonise it. It is important to understand that this hot energy has a slow movement so the switch as well. Winter and Autumn are ideal to increase the results but more important is to have patience. We don't want to frozen fats we want to dilute and dissipate them.

7. You need to detox When there's overweight, and you've got blood pressure with a redness complexion. There's a excess of both, meat proteins and refined sugars. Weight excess, emotions, old habits and energy accumulation and stagnation...the lack of clarity and simplicity in life. If we want to detox the best seasons are Spring and Summer, when the body along with the Nature energies start to open. Detox is not synonym of fast, extreme actions produce extreme reactions.

8. You need to relax

When you're personality tend to anxiety, your ideas are rigid and you impose yourself to others. You're obsess by your duties, there's no time for anything else but work, and you're always busy. To be instead of to do, producing quality instead of quantity. Depending on cause of the distress we would use different directions. If it's due to an excess of activity we would manage very similar to detox and cooling down one. If it's due to an emptiness and a need of warmth we will proceed as in nourishing and strengthen.

After all it's all about listening the whispers of your needs and harmonising the howls of your wishes by introducing the vibrational knowledge on your cooking and your life.

[Tips & tricks]

Food list ranging from the ones which warm you up more to the ones which cool you down more

  • Fish

  • Whole grains

  • Legumes

  • Seaweeds

  • Tempeh

  • Seed and nuts

  • Veggies

  • Tofu

  • Seasonal fruits

  • Solanaceae veggies

  • Natural sweeteners (honey, stevia...)

  • Tropical fruits

  • Dried Herbs

  • Fresh Herbs

  • Spices

Cooking styles from the most heating the most cooling

  • BBQ

  • Smoking

  • Oven

  • Pressure cooker

  • Frying

  • Long time Sautés

  • Casseroles

  • Steamed

  • Quick Sautés with oil

  • Grill

  • Quick Sautés with water

  • Boiling

  • Blanched

  • Fermented

  • Macerates

  • Shakes and Squeezes

  • Raw

Wishing you a magical week!

Sonia x

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