• Words by Sonia

The slow made perfume

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Have you wondered what's an Alchemic Perfume? What benefits does it bring to you? Why is it so different from others?

An Alchemic Perfume is a slow-made product; a melody performed by flowers and herbs. The architecture of a perfume consists of three groups of olfactory notes: head notes, heart notes and base notes. The head notes are captured first but they’re also the most volatile. The heart notes will remain a little bit longer and you will keep the base notes for several hours.

Essential oils are divided into these three groups – which explains why we call a full set a ‘piano’. When we create a slow made aroma or perfume we take time to recreate the musicality of how these notes will sound together once the new scent is born. The result will differ from simply adding and blending the different essences. If you listen, you will hear a new melody. We listen to this melody every day because the scent of the blend evolves as the components (‘alive notes’) keep tuning until they reach perfect pitch and play a beautiful symphony. Slow-made creations require observation, synchronisation of the elements and harmonisation processes to transform the mix of several individual ingredients into a new unique essence; a new melody – a dance where flowers and herbs merge with and into each other creating a melody that will make you flight far away.

In addition to the method used for creating the aroma -and unlike another natural perfume- it is not diluted with natural ethanol (alcohol). An Alchemic Perfume is made with a very unique and slow-made base: an spagyric.