• Words by Sonia

The art of the fragrant Spanish Alchemy

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Daily stress is something experienced by many in modern society; stress which causes unhealthy moods and physical disorders. The more we ‘run’ in our lives, the less we seem to achieve and the more exhausted we feel. Spas are increasing in popularity because people are feeling the need to recover their inner harmony and balance. Knowing how to bring this calming and soothing effect is key to regaining our harmony.

Human beings are more complex than their superficial appearance. To achieve a deep and enduring balancing result we need to treat our body, mind and soul. In most cases it's our mind (thoughts, beliefs) and our soul (emotions and feelings) that lead us to our body (physical) issues. Thus having a good and balanced diet as well as maintaining a positive attitude and happy spirit are vital to obtaining the best physical results.

Essential oils and the ancient alchemy principles are the perfect way to treat our whole being in a holistic way and thus achieve the best beauty results. In olden days, beauty formulas were based on alchemic principles. The purpose was not only to acquire physical improvement but also spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Hence they were created in a way that would help users achieve profound holistic wellbeing. Cosmetics based on aroma-therapeutic alchemy meet this holistic approach. They make you look beautiful and also feel healthier.

Although Spain still preserve some of the ancient SPAs, the in-depth knowledge of Spanish alchemy and perfumery is only truly known by a few people nowadays. For so many centuries alchemy was prosecuted as it was considered witchery specially when practised by a woman... getting lost in the woods... or maybe just kept as family secrets. I do like to keep the word alchemy instead of the actual modern word aromatherapy as alchemy goes far beyond. Let's unfold why.