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Floral Cleanser

The Floral Cleanser represents the element of Earth. In Spanish Alchemy, the Earth element has cleaning power and combines the qualities of coldness and dryness.
Iris florentina is a large genus of about 300 species found in northern temperate regions and is native to the eastern Mediterranean. It bears grey-white flowers with yellow inner beards and its underground rhizomes are the source of valued Iris powder and absolute. Iris flowers are the origin of the sceptre and the fleur-de-lys; the three inner petals represent faith, wisdom, and valour. In Ancient Greece, Iris was the messenger of the Gods and considered an embodiment of the rainbow. Her winged form was a popular subject in art and the flower was named after her.
The Floral Cleanser is an iris rhizome and rosehip extract which excels at removing dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture. It is an organic and gentle way to strengthen, exfoliate and purify your skin in order to reveal its natural vitality with only leaves, petals and roots. The Floral Cleanser prepares your skin for any treatment. Use it daily for renewed skin!

Floral Cleanser

GST Included |
  • +Iris florentina: The leaves, flowers and rhizomes of iris florentina contain beneficial isoflavones which may offer relief from skin irritation and inflammation.

    +Rosehip extract excels at removing dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture. 

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