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Botanical Soap Bar

Our Botanical Soaps are natural and vegan bars with a luscious rich and creamy lather that gently cleanse. Made of a fine natural vegetable oil recipe—we never spare in the good stuff— they are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, biodegradable and free of harsh detergents. They are produced with food grade oils (sourced from plants) that are farmed by sustainable growers; all raw materials are palm-free and non GMO.

Our Mango Butter soap is rich in Omega-6, and fatty acids that help softening, smoothing and moisturising your skin.

Our Shea Butter Soap has 5% naturally crushed Shea Butter —added during saponification—that promotes skin softening and moisturising effects on the skin.

We will keep adding new different batches to offer a wider variety of scents and botanical actives.


Mango Butter Soothing Soap

With organic turmeric and probiotics, this beautiful soap is a great addition to help reducing both dark spots and blemishes. It lightens up the skin and leaves you with a glowing even skin tone. Recommended for acne prone skin. Floral, sweet and tangy this soap bars are an absolute delight for your senses.

Botanical Soap Bar

GST Included |
  • Work the bar through your wet hands or body and it will lather up beautifully in seconds. Massage into your hands or body, then rinse. For best skin results, follow with our hand & body lotion or cream.

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