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Bespoke Skin Care

We are celebrating your uniqueness. 

Reasonable custom-made personal care products to tackle that persisting issue or simply to indulge in the scent, texture and active ingredients specially designed to suit your needs. Face-to-face or online consultations, no matter where you are, you can be spoiled.
Price shown is for the consultation, DO NOT ADD this product to your cart, instead click on this link to Book Your Consultation.

Bespoke Skin Care

GST Included |
  • Your consultation fee includes the following steps as part of the creation of your custom-made beauty ritual.

    • Bespoke Beauty Ritual Brief for one product. This is a questionnaire we will go through in our online consultation to provide me with a very precise idea of what you’d like me to create for you. (approx. 45 min).

    • Brief Assessment & Research: after the online consultation I will assess your brief and will research the most suitable ingredients, sourcing etc… for your creation/s. (up to 2 weeks).

    • Formulation & Quotation: once the formula is complete, you will receive a quotation. When you approve your quotation, an invoice will be sent. Your order will be processed upon full payment.

    The consultation price is set for the creation of one custom-made product, for additional custom-made products a minimum of $25 charge per product may apply, depending on the complexity of its creation.

  • The minimum order quantity is 100g for most products. These prices are just indicative from previous orders. Prices will rely on the selection of ingredients, your budget, the intensity of the treatment and your skin concern/goal.

    Classic Face Cream : $90-$120 for 100g (2×50ml jars)

    Innovative Face Cream: $100-$150 for 100g (2×50ml jars)

    Intensive Face Treatment: from $160 for 100g (2×50ml jars)

    Water-based Serum: $80-$130 for 100g (2×50ml bottles)

    Creamy Serum: $120-$150 for 100g (2×50ml bottles)

    Intensive Face Serum: from $150 for 100g (2×50ml bottles)

    Beauty Face Oil: from $110 for 100g (2×50ml bottles)

    Intensive Hair Serum: from $145 100g (2×50ml bottles)

    Hair Regrowth tonic: from $90 for 100g (1×100ml bottle)

    Acne Face tonic: from $49 for 100g (1×100ml bottle)

    Get in touch for more information, the list goes on and on!

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