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Bespoke Perfume

We are celebrating your uniqueness. 

Discover Real Perfume, Not Just Aromatherapy. Experience the essence of true perfume crafted from 100% natural plant-derived ingredients, combined with technical perfumery expertise, and a selection of over 500 natural elements. Now, you can enjoy luxurious perfume without compromising your well-being.

This is a unique one-on-one journey where I will craft a personalised EDP (eau de parfum) using alchemic perfumery principles. This process entails a face-to-face or online consultation, a brief assessment and research phase, unrestricted access to natural materials, and the creation of your bespoke fragrance. Upon completion, you will receive a 3 ml sample to test and approve the final product.
Price shown is for the consultation, DO NOT ADD this product to your cart, instead click on this link to Book Your Consultation.

Bespoke Perfume

GST Included |
  • Your consultation fee includes the following steps as part of the creation of your custom-made beauty ritual.

    • Bespoke Beauty Ritual Brief for one product. This is a questionnaire we will go through in our online consultation to provide me with a very precise idea of what you’d like me to create for you. (approx. 45 min).

    • Brief Assessment & Research: after the online consultation I will assess your brief and will research the most suitable ingredients, sourcing etc… for your creation/s. (up to 2 weeks).

    • Formulation & Quotation: once the formula is complete, you will receive a quotation. When you approve your quotation, an invoice will be sent. Your order will be processed upon full payment.

    The final perfume price will be quote based on the materials selected and its method prior to its production, and you will have different size options to choose from (60 ml or 100 ml).

  • The minimum order quantity is 60 ml. These prices are just indicative from previous orders. Prices will rely on the selection of ingredients, your budget, and the essence concentration.

    Eau de Parfum : from $190 for 100 ml bottle

    Eau de Toilette: from $160 for 100 ml bottle

    Eau de Cologne: From $130 for 100 ml bottle

    Get in touch for more information, the list goes on and on!

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