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Alchemic Perfumes Sets

The Alchemic Perfumes are my signature product; natural and organic fragrances made by an ancient alchemical process called Spagyric*. I create only eau de parfum as I believe organic perfumes should be luxurious and last longer.


Discover our 5 Alchemic Perfumes and their scent description on the Perfume Melodies section.


Choose between:

  • Set of 2 Alchemic Perfumes (you save 10%)
  • Set of 3 Alchemic Perfumes (you save 15%)
  • Set of 4 Alchemic Perfumes (you save 20%)
  • Set of 5 Alchemic Perfumes (you save 30%)


Please specify your selection (including the name of each perfume - i.e. Sonia Orts No1) in the 'Add a note' area at checkout.


My Alchemic Perfumes are 100% natural made only with raw botanical ingredients, organic and wild harvested whenever possible, plant based and food grade alcohol (ethanol sourced from sugar cane) and therapeutic grade steam distilled pure essential oils. The Alchemic Perfumes are toxin free which means they don’t contain heavy metals, phthalates, synthetics fragrances, petro-chemicals, PEGs, or synthetic preservatives. The Alchemic Perfumes are eco-green clean fragrances.


⛔ Important information for international orders: due to a considerable increase of the courier express rates, we are no longer shipping this product overseas.

Alchemic Perfumes Sets

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  • Sonia Orts Nº1 

    With head notes of oranges from Valencia and lemons from Sicily, heart notes of lavender fields from Provence along with the most exquisite Neroli from Egypt, named after a princess. Concluding with bottom notes of Peru balsam, Australian blue cypress and rosewood from the Amazon forest to create memories.

    Nº1 is appreciated equally by men and women.

    Sonia Orts Nº2

    This fragrance opens with sunny Spanish citrus fruit aromas; the heart reveals an Italian Bergamot that discreetly lights up the scent and retains a lingering presence, while the rare and delicate Egyptian neroli comes to life with luminous green facets setting in to the slightly woody wake of Mediterranean cypress rind.

    Nº2 is appreciated equally by men and women.

    Sonia Orts Nº3 

    Like a scrumptious wedding cake, this fragrance opens with head notes of tangy red berries and fruits; the heart reveals a rich creamy custard sprinkled with powdered notes of white exquisite flowers bonding with a velvety smoky caramel base.

    Nº3 is appreciated mainly by women but can also be appealing to men that love sweet and powdered scents.

    Sonia Orts Nº4

    A joyful and radiant floral aroma that reveals intoxicating fruity tones of peaches, passionfruit and tangy mangoes bathed by the sun. This unique fragrance unexpectedly develops into a delicate floral bouquet of exotic frangipani and delightful jasmine with exquisite notes of freesias and delicate peonies revealing tender innocence yet hypnotic sensuality. This enveloping scent is underlined by a base of deliciously sweetened amber honey and candied fruit notes that linger on the skin throughout the day.

    Nº4 is mainly desired by women but who knows

    Sonia Orts Nº5

    Like a waxing moon, a fresh start or a blossoming new relationship, Nº5 opens up with a cascade of freshness natural to yuzu - a sparkling zesty scent that offers a wide spectrum of tangy citrus aromas. These fresh and vibrant accords are enlightened by the heart of enchanting and intensely lush green notes of white lotus - pure and meditative, a tropical repose on still waters. The final note of hinoki forest emerges as a lingering sensual and mysterious blend of woody aromas. This fragrance, full of drizzled earthy forest harmonies softens its strong personality with a sweet spicy and peppery touch of pipe tobacco.

    Nº5 is equally addictive for women and men

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