• Words by Sonia

The Moon and I

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

There’s always been something quite mystical about the moon for me. Looking up into its wondrous glow and marvelling at its ever-changing form I have always been drawn to its power. But what exactly was that power? I wasn’t sure but I always knew there was something.

While running my business back in Spain -my natural perfumery- I became very aware that what I found easy and what I found difficult to manage changed during the month. There would be times when I couldn’t face talking to people, times when my confidence and self-belief were high, times when my concentration was low, times when creating was easy and times when it was a struggle to find inspiration. I thought that was normal when I used to work at a big corporation (as it wasn’t my cup of tea) but in my store, I was doing what I loved the most- so why???