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The Moon and I

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

There’s always been something quite mystical about the moon for me. Looking up into its wondrous glow and marvelling at its ever-changing form I have always been drawn to its power. But what exactly was that power? I wasn’t sure but I always knew there was something.

While running my business back in Spain -my natural perfumery- I became very aware that what I found easy and what I found difficult to manage changed during the month. There would be times when I couldn’t face talking to people, times when my confidence and self-belief were high, times when my concentration was low, times when creating was easy and times when it was a struggle to find inspiration. I thought that was normal when I used to work at a big corporation (as it wasn’t my cup of tea) but in my store, I was doing what I loved the most- so why???

I suppose that it was frustration at my inability to be consistent that prompted me to look for answers. I was recommended some readings about the feminine cycle and something inside me resonated that this was the pathway to follow. Noting my changes within my menstrual cycle, while following a specific chart, allowed me to recognise cyclic patterns in physical energy, emotional strength and sensitivity, thinking processes and focus, sensuality and sexual energy, creativity and spirituality.

I love stories, especially ancient myths and legends. I find the use of storytelling -a very ancient tradition in most societies- an ideal framework to provide guidance, understanding and realisation. It often makes it easier to share a message by using examples of those who have been enlightened before us. Stories resonate more deeply than instruction; lessons are remembered more clearly when they are wrapped up in a certain time and place. Within the stories, the use of archetypes or symbolic characters are universal images that reflect certain truths to which people respond on an internal level. Most stories we have heard throughout our lives are full of these archetypes – often we just never notice them; like Snow White, a fairy tale I used as example in my e-story. (You can read more about it downloading my mini e-book when you subscribe on my website).

Long story short, women have a cyclic nature like the moon and this particularity makes us very magical yet variable- is this the reason why they call us lunatic? Maybe, who knows! These cyclic energies need to be accepted as a flow that will express itself in its own way. Menstrual energies find their expressions in many different forms in a woman's creative nature.

We are alchemic beings in constant transformation.

However, we live in a male oriented society that expect us to be constant -constantly the hard-active worker, constantly the nurturing caring mother…- but the only thing permanent in our nature is impermanence and change.

What does this bring? Mainly bad thingies such as constant tiredness, feeling permanently guilty for not being ‘there’-whatever ‘there’ means for you, frustration at your inability to get the results you’re seeking and so on…

Knowing your personal cycle and your changes throughout will make the life change you’re craving.

What’s in it for you? Peace of mind, skill optimisation, balanced mood, harmony, self-acceptance and an increase in self-esteem among other good stuff! In my personal experience I found out that I soar with creativity for one week each cycle, hence rather than feeling frustrated from lack of inspiration and that feeling of ‘I’m-not-good-enough’, I schedule all the jobs that require inspiration/creativity that week and it all flows smoothly -making me feel better in my own skin.

Our feminine phases are intimately related to the moon cycle and therefore we will find the following natural connections:

  • Crescent (waxing) Moon shares similar energies with the season of Spring and they are reflected in us as a Maiden archetype.

  • Full Moon symbolises abundance as does Summer season. This feminine archetype is a Mother.

  • Decrescent (waning) Moon, the magical and mystical energies are reflected in Autumn season colours and light and are embodied by the feminine archetype of an Enchantress.

  • The New Moon embraces the darkness, the maximum exponent of yin energies as they rule the flows of Winter season; a time for introspection and wisdom perfectly symbolised by the Sage feminine archetype.

Have you noticed any of these energies flowing within? Could you tell me specific emotions, physical states or any skills that arise spontaneously during some periods that conform to a cyclic pattern?

In my next blog post I will develop in depth the energies featured in each feminine archetype and how they affect us. I will tell you how to take advantage of this wisdom to optimise your potential and make you feel better

PS I've got a surprise that will be released soon, a very special thingy created for you, stay tuned

Glow naturally,

Love, Sonia x.

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