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Discover Your Perfume

Updated: May 24, 2021

Do you know which perfume matches your personality? Have you noticed some people own a signature scent? Sometimes it is just their perfume or cologne, but sometimes it’s a mixture of their laundry detergent, their soap, shampoo, skincare and the aroma of their home that they carry with them.

You begin to associate them with that scent, and you could be miles and miles away from them but you catch a whiff of it and it makes you think of them. It touches your heart and brings back memories making you feel happy or at ease… scent is such a powerful thing!

Scents also talk about people's personalities. Here's a little quiz so you can see which type of scent matches your personality — try it out and let me know how accurate the results were!

Your outfit defines you:

a) Jeans and a t-shirt b) A lace blouse or dress c) A flowing maxi and lots of layers d) A little black dress

Your dreamed trip would be:

a) Camping in the woods with friends b) A romantic getaway to Paris with your love c) Exploring the sights and secret passages of Egyptian pyramids d) A girls’ getaway in New York City complete with wild nights

Your usual beauty routine involves:

a) Keeping it natural – moisturiser, lip balm, and an easy top knot b) Loose curls and pastel makeup shades like soft pink c) Boho elements like braids, head pieces, and smoky eyes to add mystery d) A little mascara here, some liner there, and a bold red lip is your go-to

Your favourite way to unwind is:

a) Spending time outdoors, riding your bike or hiking b) Spending time with loved ones and/or furry friends! c) Checking out a concert or listening to music d) Shopping with your girlfriends

The last album you listened to was:

a) Aerosmith – classic rock is your thing. b) Norah Jones– the perfect mixture of pretty and intense. c) Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – you love their positive energy. d) Daft Punk – it gets you pumped for a night out!

Here are the results If you picked...

Mostly A: your signature scent is CITRUS FRESH

You’re a tomboy at heart. You are active, outdoorsy and have a classic style — you gravitate towards clean, bright scents with citrus notes that are as energetic as you are.

You'll love my Alchemic Perfumes Nº2 & Nº5 with citrus fruit aromas; luminous green facets setting into the woody wake of tree barks, mosses and trees rind . Wellbeing Mist and Roll-on blend Beso de Sol will win your heart for its fresh aroma of mandarins with a peppery finish. 

Mostly B: Your signature scent is FLORAL

You are sweet and a romantic at heart. You love romantic, floral perfumes that remind you of the sweeter things in life.

De La Luna welbeing roll-on, Sonia Orts Nº3 and the most beloved Nº4 all of them floral staples with different facets. Elegant, classy and refined flower combinations to suit all tastes.

Mostly C: Your signature scent is EARTHY

You are an outdoorsy lover of nature, and you love stories. You have a bohemian soul and love to wander and explore, floating along like a free spirit in the wind. You are drawn towards woody, musky perfumes with hints of nature in their complex aromas.

You'll love my Nº1 & Nº5 as well as Sweet Dreams blend to unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Mostly D: Your signature scent is SPICY

You’re sensual and intriguing. You have a flair for the dramatic and you love bold scents with spicy notes that linger long after you’ve left the room. You'll love Harmony wellbeing blend - the scents of Ancient Egypt seduce you by the complexity of its notes. A sensual and mysterious fragrance with rare and powerful aromas to balance our energy flows and regain our inner serenity.

What is your favourite perfume scent, and does it match your personality type? I’d love to know!

Love, Sonia x

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