• Words by Sonia

Discover Your Perfume

Updated: May 24

Do you know which perfume matches your personality? Have you noticed some people own a signature scent? Sometimes it is just their perfume or cologne, but sometimes it’s a mixture of their laundry detergent, their soap, shampoo, skincare and the aroma of their home that they carry with them.

You begin to associate them with that scent, and you could be miles and miles away from them but you catch a whiff of it and it makes you think of them. It touches your heart and brings back memories making you feel happy or at ease… scent is such a powerful thing!

Scents also talk about people's personalities. Here's a little quiz so you can see which type of scent matches your personality — try it out and let me know how accurate the results were!

Your outfit defines you:

a) Jeans and a