• Words by Sonia

The alchemical winter cooking style

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In winter season some of us need to increase our inner heat. As noted in earlier posts we've got an inner climate which interacts with the external one. If we think about it, and ask ourselves which temperature we've got now? which would be the season represented in our body? or are we feeling ok with it or uncomfortable? We could be more wise more suitable food to find the expected balance. Does this means eating more fatty food o er winter season?

Or increasing the amount of calories? Not necessarily. Inner heat is generated by eating food that increases our temperature and using a cooking method that also creates this warmth. Essentially, the key is to absolutely avoid at any level whatever that makes us feel cool or freezing.

As mentioned before, the energy is a living force and not static which means we are constantly moving, changing, and shaping our energy. Thus in order to better satisfy our changing needs we need to know how to shape our energy. The food we ingest and the cooking style we will choose will help us to reshape our energetic flow.

Many people think that increasing protein and fat intake they would generate more inner heat, unfortunately