• Words by Sonia

Creating the perfect synergy

Updated: May 4, 2020

Essential oils are very powerful used alone but they are exponentially efficient when they combined with others. This is what we know as the principle of the synergy.

There are no limits regarding the amount of essential oils you might combine in your formula what it matters is you're choosing the right polarity on your synergy. This is the reason why the energetic charge of an essential oil is crucial in order to obtain the most effective formula.

Essential oils might also be divided by their type of energy. This is what we call the polarity of an essential oil. I like to use Yin and Yang nomenclature because there are many different meanings intrinsic to these two words.

In Spanish alchemic aromatherapy we consider:

Yang as the sun and fire force according to the alchemists that is centripetal, concentric and energetic Yin as the moon and water force according to the alchemists that is centrifuge, expansive and relaxing.

Following this vibrational division we would be able to work with more efficient blends and therefore we will increase the power of the formula and its strength.