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Creating the perfect synergy

Updated: May 4, 2020

Essential oils are very powerful used alone but they are exponentially efficient when they combined with others. This is what we know as the principle of the synergy.

There are no limits regarding the amount of essential oils you might combine in your formula what it matters is you're choosing the right polarity on your synergy. This is the reason why the energetic charge of an essential oil is crucial in order to obtain the most effective formula.

Essential oils might also be divided by their type of energy. This is what we call the polarity of an essential oil. I like to use Yin and Yang nomenclature because there are many different meanings intrinsic to these two words.

In Spanish alchemic aromatherapy we consider:

Yang as the sun and fire force according to the alchemists that is centripetal, concentric and energetic Yin as the moon and water force according to the alchemists that is centrifuge, expansive and relaxing.

Following this vibrational division we would be able to work with more efficient blends and therefore we will increase the power of the formula and its strength.

Yang are the essential oils energetic, revitalising anti-infectious and antibacterial such as tea tree, rosemary or cypress

Yin are the calming, sedative, purifying and antiviral essential oils such as mint, lavender or orange

Every single thing in this planet can be added to one of these two groups; food, an illness, our bodies, moods etc.... In order to make the right choice of the essential oil or blend of essential oils that would better suit our purposes we need to identify the polarity of the matter we're willing to treat and find the right potion that would balance and harmonise.

If we are willing to reduce stress symptoms that are yang, we will choose yin essential oils to re-balance our state of mind such as lavender. If our mood is more like low energy and saddy then we will choose energising and revitalising yang essential oils such as rosemary.

Polarity is an important factor to be determined in order to find the most suitable treatment for you. In a previous blog post I showed you how to unfold your potential and understand how these two energies are affecting you.

Three alchemic synergies to fight against winter issues:

1. Fatigue When feeling tiredness, lack of energy and morning lethargy, this is the recipes to wake you up, recharge your batteries and reactivate your body mind and soul: 1 tbsp sweet almond or grape seed oil with 4 drops of mandarin, 6 drops of rosemary. Apply it around belly button chest (avoid breasts), nape of the neck and wrists, and rub mildly to activate bloodstream. Ask someone to rub your back with an alchemic mist to increase the effect.

2. Colds and flu In a steam diffuser or a bowl with hot water apply 5 drops of eucalyptus and breath deeply. At night time apply 3 drops of eucalyptus, 2 drops lemon, 2 drops tea tree and 3 drops lavender in a aromastone diffuser when going to bed. Rub over your chest and back the following mix twice a day:

  • 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 drop eucalyptus 1 drop tea tree 1 drop thyme

If you need an expectorant blend add in a steam diffuser or a bowl with hot water 6 drops of thyme, 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops of lemon. Inhale the steam and be careful to not burn your face, take a distance from the bowl at least 25 cm. Cover your head with a towel to keep more steam to breath.

3. Winter Blues | Insomnia Tiredness and depression go hand in hand. In fact, extreme lethargy and loss of energy and interest in activities you used to enjoy can sometime be the strongest indicators of the blues. Not having a good sleep might be your worst enemy.

To brush away the winter blues mix 1 tbsp of almond or grape seed oil with 3 drops of neroli and apply it in the solar plexus, nape of the neck, and temples. Breath deeply for at least 10 min.

In order to have a profound and good sleep; have a hot bath with a blend of 2 drops of neroli, 2 drops of lavender, and 2 drops of sandalwood before going to bed. You can also apply the same blend in 1 tbsp of St John's worth oil over your chest and sleep.

Wishing you a magical week!

Sonia x

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