• Words by Sonia

Cosy winter wishes

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Are you feeling the cold blues? Winter blues are more likely to affect women than men and there's a reason for that.

As noted in earlier posts, everything in this planet has an energy, and all of them together might be contained in two big groups: Yang energies and Yin energies. Seasons can also be categorised by these groups. The energies ruling winter season are yin, and for so many women (mainly yin as well ) winter energies unbalanced their equilibrium due to the extra dose of yin energy that make them feel too cold, too passive, too indoors etc...

Whilst so many men feel naturally comfortable in winter, women struggle trying to get their balance back. The energy is dynamic force that we're constantly moving, changing, and shaping. Any action has a reaction, no matter if it's immediate or in a long term. We are living beings with a constant vibrational energy. Knowing how to shape our energy will better satisfy our changing needs.

These are 10 tips on lifestyle tailored for winter season in order to increase inner heat and activate your body, mind and soul. Wash away the blues and enjoy a cosy winter IN & OUT!