• Words by Sonia

The Non-Toxic Household [part 1]

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Nowadays we are getting more and more informed about what we are applying to our skin and the consequences we already know they might produce after a long term use. Therefore we are more aware about cosmetics, and we pay much more attention to what we buy and apply to our body.

But what about household cleaners, air fresheners, candles, melting waxes and so on? Are we truly paying attention to them? Do we really read the labels? Do we find any descriptive labels on them?!

In my experience I find very difficult to find out which is their composition. There is a big lack of information in this particular industry, and we've also been constantly brainwashed with amazing adverts that indoctrinate us to believe this products deliver the results we're looking for, in a safe, lovely, happy and magical way. NO WAY!

My mission here is not to freak you out. My mission is always to give you the most powerful tool: information. It is with knowledge, we free ourselves from the bonds of ignorance and make possible to reach better decisions and choices.