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Natural Laundry Liquid Soap

Updated: May 4, 2020

Rice fields over the horizon, the Mediterranean breeze, the sun caressing my cheeks and the laundry hung out in the garden. Summer, adventures, the scent of freshness and an endless bunch of imaginary stories among the hung linen. The olfactory memory is the strongest and most powerful sense we've got. This is why making this recipe I could travel and be remembering the scents of my granny's laundry as if it were only yesterday.

Marseille soap, or Castile soap have been a classic in any Mediterranean childhood. Those soaps have been made for centuries and still today are a must because of its natural composition but also their effectiveness. Whether you're using them on your body or on your laundry you won't be wrong. Some "more natural", sustainable and planet friendly options we find in supermarket might be a little bit costy, thus thinking on helping you saving and getting more involved in taking care of our planet I'd like to share this very easy DIY recipe for making your own

Laundry Liquid Soap:


· 750 ml tap water

· 7 tbsp Marseille/Castile soap beads or grated soap bar

· 1,5 tbsp Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)

· 3 tsp Lemon essential oil

· 25 drops Tea Tree

· 25 drops Eucalyptus

In a saucepan heat the soap in the water not exceeding 80 degrees until it melts completely. Blend it until you get an homogeneous liquid. Put aside and cool it. Once cold add the soda ash and mix it well until homogeneous. Add the essential oils, blend and pour into a bottle.

Your laundry will smell beautifully! This antibacterial essential oil blend will clean perfectly your laundry leaving a crispy and fresh scent. Besides, you'll be using a washing machine detergent friendly to your skin and also our planet.


For tough stains I recommend to apply directly the soap into the stain, or you might also want to try first with clay to absorb very greasy stains and after the soap.

Clean household products respectful with your skin and our planet mindfully created.

Sonia x

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