• Words by Sonia

Her Majesty the Rose

Updated: May 4, 2020

Damascena, Alba, Gallica, Centifolia, Moschata and so on......

The rose apparently was originated in Central Asia about 60 to 70 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch, and spread over the entire Northern Hemisphere. Early civilisations, including the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, and the Romans, appreciated roses and grew them widely as long as five thousand years ago.

The oldest rose identified today is Rosa gallica, also known as the French rose, which once bloomed wild throughout central and southern Europe and western Asia, and still survives there. Although the exact origin of Rosa gallica is unknown, traces of it appear as early as the twelfth century B.C., when the Persians considered it a symbol of love.

We could write thousands of pages about this beautiful flower very much present in the human history because of its properties and symbolic meanings. Thus, let's focus about the cosmetic properties.