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Wellbeing Roll-Ons

Our new Wellbeing Collection has been designed to invite you to establish easy daily rituals – because what you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while.


Our Wellbeing Roll-ons have been mindfully crafted following alchemic perfumery standards.  You can use the roll-ons as a oil-based perfume, it has the intensity of an eau de cologne—as well as a pampering face treatment.

Use our Wellbeing Roll-ons as an exquisite facial aromatherapy-based treatment; massage your skin with the clear quartz roller ball for extra glowing skin. 

Sweet Dreams blend is a match made in heaven for dull and dehydrated skin.

Harmony blend is a match made in heaven for neglected skin suffering premature ageing.

Beso de Sol blend is a match made in heaven for skin suffering acne and excess of oil.

Strategically blended aromas, designed to elevate your daily rituals, achieve a healthier lifestyle, and find that extra help when needed—no matter what life throws at you.

Discover our Wellbeing roll-on scent description on the Perfume Melodies section. Our roll-on bottles come with a clear quartz roller ball; a crystal known as 'the master healer' for its beneficial properties.

Bundle & Save with Sets:

  • Set of 2 Wellbeing roll-ons (you save 7%) 
  • Set of 3 Wellbeing roll-ons (you save 10%) 


Please specify your selection when choosing sets (including the name of each wellbeing roll-on - i.e. Harmony & Beso de sol) in the 'Add a note' area at checkout.


Wellbeing Roll-Ons

PriceFrom $38.00
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Buy 2 Wellbeing Products Get Free Roll-on

  • Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams fills your room with a delicate sweet and soothing scent. A perfect accord of sweet oranges from Valencia wrapped with a captivating woody-musk trail of Provençal lavender and softening lemon balm.


    Imagine a city where the scents of Ancient Egypt seduce you by the complexity of its notes. A sensual and mysterious fragrance with rare and powerful aromas to balance our energetic flows and regain our inner serenity.

    Harmony perfume unveils with opulent and woody-spiced layers of frankincense and myrrh that confers its spiritual, captivating and warm character balanced by the soft floral notes of the jasmine from Mysore. Complete and complex, this fragrance transforms itself to reveal your mystery and charisma leading the way to your inner harmony.

    Beso de Sol

    Breathe in deeply and imagine the scent as a full bright sun sets over a field of citrus fruit trees. Squeezed and distilled, the fruits rind captivates with a fresh, sparkling and sweet aroma that evokes the distinctive fragrance of sun-kissed citrus fruits. Delicate powdery and cheerful notes of mandarins are blended with spicy notes of black pepper and the early morning forest freshness of juniper berries.

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