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Sonia Orts  Nº5

The Alchemic Perfumes are my signature product; natural and organic fragrances made by an ancient alchemical process called Spagyric*. I create only eau de parfum as I believe organic perfumes should be luxurious and last longer.

Sonia Orts Nº5 is like a haiku - a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Nº5 captures the fragrance of a cosy atmosphere by the fireside after an energetic walk among a hinoki forest. A refined and complex fragrance for the vibrant and adventurous, for free souls looking to release their deepest inner self. Intensely mesmerising and poetic Sonia Orts Nº5 is a perfume full of character – a panoramic and complex perfume that reveals itself layer after layer like an endless horizon.


... Is the essence of escape; the unleashing of your true self.



Sonia Orts Nº5 was created for those who seek adventure, self-confidence and sense the magnet of mystery. Nº5 is the very essence of a natural escape that releases positivity, impulsivity and awakens your instincts immersing you on a journey of self-discovery, a journey to find your true self.


There are available sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 Alchemic Perfumes 10 ml size at a discounted price - CLICK HERE

* Please read more about its production method.
** For more information about the different types of fragrances please read this blog post "Please take a scented note"

⛔ Important information for international orders: due to a considerable increase of the courier express rates, we are no longer shipping this product overseas.

Sonia Orts Nº5

GST Included |
  • Like a waxing moon, a fresh start or a blossoming new relationship, Nº5 opens up with a cascade of freshness natural to yuzu - a sparkling zesty scent that offers a wide spectrum of tangy citrus aromas. These fresh and vibrant accords are enlightened by the heart of enchanting and intensely lush green notes of white lotus - pure and meditative, a tropical repose on still waters. The final note of hinoki forest emerges as a lingering sensual and mysterious blend of woody aromas. This fragrance, full of drizzled earthy forest harmonies softens its strong personality with a sweet spicy and peppery touch of pipe tobacco.

    Nº5 is equally addictive for women and men

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