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Radiance Mask

The Radiance Mask represents the element of Fire. In Spanish Alchemy fire is attributed with transformational and purifying powers. Fire combines the qualities of warmth and dryness.

Radiance Mask has been created following the principles of fire. Finely ground botanical and mineral active clays blended with extracts of petals and roots form this deeply purifying mask. Radiance Mask is a powerful purifier, deep cleanser, and healing mask that draws out impurities and skin secretions and noticeably reducing blemishes and blackheads. It is especially restorative for tired and neglected skin. Its high iron oxide and quartz content enhances the skin's condition and appearance. Radiance Mask is suitable for all skin types.

Radiance Mask

GST Included |
  • +Spa Minerals, Aussie Golden: Comprised of Zeolite, this pearly golden mineral blend will help increase the activity in clays and has amazing healing properties. Zeolite minerals are slowly proving themselves in the health and beauty industry for their ability to draw out toxins and help healing processes. They are also used in slimming wraps, to reduce swelling and assist in healing abscesses.

    +Spa Minerals, Aussie Pink: Pale pink Australian clay is excellent for balancing stressed and sensitive skin. It also assists with hydration, skin firmness and refines delicate lines. It is fairly mild and helps to improve the overall texture of your skin.

    +Rose petals: balance, restore and hydrate your skin. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, these flower petals, among others in this formula, regenerate your skin complexion leaving you with a refreshing and soothing sensation.



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