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Harmony Mist

My aim is to create all-in-one products that cover more than one purpose. Having less clutter in your vanity/bathroom means less waste in landfill. ⁠Our Wellbeing Mists can be used as:


  • A restorative body tonic
  • A cologne (read here for intensity reference, Please Take a Scented Note)
  • An aromatherapy mist to help you tune your mood
  • A delightful hair perfume
  • A home fragrance to create a grounding atmosphere that promotes equilibrium and well-being.


Featuring a 100% natural scent, our Wellbeing Mists are made only with natural and organic certified ingredients, our botanical fragrances as safe as they can get!


Harmony is a delicate blend of grapefruit, coral honeysuckle and spices to quieten your mind. Establish daily rituals with Harmony and its aromas will cue your brain to still your mind after a busy day by aligning your energetic flow and creating a delightful sensation of wellbeing. Your best friend when practising yoga and meditation.


When to use it

  • Before heading out on a first date
  • Between back-to-back meetings
  • When you need a mini escape on public transport
  • During your yoga/meditation practice

Harmony Mist

GST Included |

Buy 2 Wellbeing Products Get Free Roll-on

  • It is about new beginnings—the life of a forest that permeates through the seasons. It is sensually symbiotic, bringing elements together, a fragrance that inspires and points at a magical place.

    Our new Harmony blend is a mystical presence, deep-rooted and spicy, a ray of sunlight that spreads with the strength of a shadow. Sharp, sweet and fresh—grapefruit notes open the senses to a sparkling zesty scent. Bathed in the light and delicacy of the extremely feminine coral honeysuckle that flourish with sensual balms and powdery notes. The blend of spices evokes decadence and the resins hint towards opulence, leaving a desirable trace of pungent amber lingering on the space. Complex and exquisitely extravagant, this fragrance transforms itself to reveal your mystery and charisma, leading the way to your inner harmony.

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