Delaluna is an alluring and captivating fragrance - an encounter between the four queen flowers.

Tantalizing and delicate, Delaluna perfume elixir blends the scents of the most precious flowers in a beautiful harmony. Symbolising the four facets every woman experiences in each cycle Delaluna tunes feminine energies in perfect balance with the moon’s phases.

A timeless floral tale, an elegant composition of exquisite flowers to arouse your feminine magical self.

The muses that inspired this fragrance are the four feminine archetypes that represent the four phases of the moon and the similarities that they share with the four facets each woman experiences in every cycle.

Delaluna is designed as a perfume and as an elixir. The perfume notes are created to encompass your days in a dreamy and luxurious fragrance. As an elixir, Delaluna helps you to perfectly balance your physical and mood changes every day of your cycle.

Read more about the feminine phases in tune with the moon and how to maximise your potential at our blog


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  • A heart bursting with radiant neroli from the sun-kissed Mediterranean embraces the exquisite aphrodisiac Bulgarian rose for pure delight. The enchanting jasmine smoothly caresses the exotic mesmerising lotus to complete the sensuous bouquet, which lingers delicately on the body throughout the day.






  • Sonia Orts
  • Sonia Orts
  • Sonia Orts

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