Beso de Sol Roll-on

Establish daily rituals with our Wellbeing Roll-ons to achieve a healthier lifestyle  and feel more alive.

Beso de Sol is designed to naturally cue your brain to perk you up. Made only with natural and organic certified ingredients, the invigorating properties of Lemon, Black Pepper, and Juniper make Beso de Sol the perfect stimulant to brighten your day and make you feel more cheerful and revitalised.


When to use it

  • On your morning commute
  • During that afternoon office slump
  • The day after a bad night sleep or a big night out
  • When you're crushing emails after dinner
  • When your face skin suffers from acne and pimples 


Our roll-on bottles come with a clear quartz roller ball; a crystal known as 'the master healer' for its beneficial properties. Use our Wellbeing Roll-ons as a lavish face elixir for a pampering treatment; massage your skin with the clear quartz roller ball for extra glowing skin. Beso de Sol blend is a match made in heaven for skin suffering acne and excess of oil.

Beso de Sol Roll-on

  • Breathe in deeply and imagine the scent as a full bright sun sets over a field of citrus fruit trees. Squeezed and distilled, the fruits' rind captivates with a fresh, sparkling and sweet aroma that evokes the distinctive fragrance of sun-kissed citrus fruits. Delicate, powdery and cheerful notes of mandarin are blended with spicy notes of black pepper and the early morning forest freshness of juniper berries.






  • Sonia Orts
  • Sonia Orts

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