• Words by Sonia

How to Create a Bath Sanctuary

A quiet day at the spa is probably on everyone’s relaxation list. But let’s be honest: who has the time or the money to actually take a day off and go to a specialised space? Not often, right?

Sometimes the closest you can get is a soak in the tub between work and chores, at weird moments like 2 p.m. on a Tuesday or midnight on a Saturday. At least there are options. Here are some tips and recipes that will make you feel like you’re at a spa—even if it’s an at-home version!

Lean into natural scents.

A way to bring nature indoors is aromatherapy. A natural spray, essential oils, or candles made with essential oils will help to infuse your room with fresh scents—aromatherapy practice can work wonders calming a racing mind and helping you relax. With notes of eucalyptus, cedar, lemon, and spruce you can recreate a forest in your bathroom. Start lighting up a candle when it’s time to wind down and see how transformative a few deep inhales can be. In a diffuser add eucalyptus—known to enhance feelings of relaxation and soothe nervous tension with its invigorating smell— and cedar for its warming, relaxing, peaceful notes. These oils blended along with lemon and spruce will help you shut your mind off so you can drift into a blissfully deep sleep.

Make baths a habit.

There’s perhaps no better elixir than soaking in warm water after a long day. Many of us can attest to the relaxing benefits of unwinding with a hot bath, but did you know it can also help improve your health? Most ancient cultures have long believed in the healing effects of water. Soaking in healing waters is a way of purifying from the day-to-day spiritual grime. A warm bath can also improve breathing. The temperature of the water and pressure on your chest increase your lung capacity and oxygen intake. A growing body of research has shown that passive heating, like spending time in a sauna, can also reduce the risk of having a heart attack, improve blood sugar control, and even help lower your blood pressure.

A bath also serves as dedicated alone time— just you, no distractions. Time to