• Words by Sonia

Australian Native Extracts: Trend or Verified Science?

Updated: May 4, 2020

As you may have read in our newsletter or Instagram posts recently, I’ve reformulated our Aqua Serum Elixir by adding substantial quantities of Australian native plant extracts and other super foods to boost its potency.

The world’s most potent natural active ingredients in skincare were right here on our doorstep so I had to give it a go and test it. Bang! They truly worked.

We now use Australian native extracts taken from traditional plant species sourced wildcrafted all over Australia. The extracts are obtained via a cellular extraction process that ensures the bio-availability, potency and stable phyto-activity of the plant’s active compounds.

Why have we added Australian native extracts?

We all know how harsh the Australian sun is. All you need to do is look at our skin cancer stats — sadly, the highest in the world. The purpose behind Aqua Serum Elixir is to support your skin’s natural processes of renewal with a boost of vitamins and other active ingredients without inhibiting the skin's natural functions when it is most active.

Well, Southern Cross University in northern NSW has conducted an extensive research and testing of Australian native extracts using chromatography — a lab technique that separates the chemical components of a substance and analyse them separately for establishing the presence or measuring the relative proportions of chemical substances in a mixture. These studies have exceeded the expectations of researchers testing the potency of Australian native extracts.

Australian native plants have evolved to survive constant exposure to harsh sunlight creating an efficient system to protect themselves from the oxidative stress caused by sun-induced free radicals.

It is thought that these extreme conditions present where these plants grow are responsible for the plants producing extraordinarily potent levels of bio-active ingredients. The levels of anti-oxidants found in these plants have more than exceeded the expectations of researchers with these plants found to contain extremely high levels of key anti-ageing compounds, including vitamin A, C and E