• Words by Sonia

Post-Summer Body Reset

Updated: May 4, 2020

I came across an interesting book last Spring that caught my attention. It shows how you can regain your natural energy, detox your liver, improve your gut health and find your flat tummy! All this by simply rebalancing your hormones.

After reading the book and practising its advise for a while now here's a basic summary of what I learned and five simples steps to follow for a body reset after summer indulgence.

Healthy food

Hormones regulate blood sugar levels, sleep, energy, mood and hunger - yes, I'm not talking just about oestrogen and testosterone, it is also about insulin, cortisol, serotonin, thyroid and leptin. It has been said that up to 95% of the population is affected at some point in their life from hormone imbalance. Hormones are affected by our age, our stress levels, the food we eat and our genetics. And, they are also impacted if we indulge a bit too much!

We can’t change our age or our genetics (or our stress levels at times), but we can change what and how we eat.

As we digest different foods at different speeds, the book recommends that we maximise digestion by specific combinations of foods:

  • Only eat grains with vegetables

Grains take two to three hours to digest. Eat grains for breakfast or lunch so that you can use the released energy from the carbs during the day.

  • Only eat protein with vegetables

Protein is the most complex nutrient to digest, taking two to six hours to process. Protein and veggies are the ideal combination for dinner as you don’t need energy from carbs