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Four Fashion Styles to Succeed

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The simplest way of reflecting inner feelings in an outward form is through your appearance. By consciously choosing clothes and colours to match your feminine phases, you are achieving greater wellbeing.

Have you noticed that everyday when you choose your clothes, your hairstyle, make-up and jewels you are more attracted to some colours or shapes rather than others depending on the phase of your cycle you’re at?

Yep. The simplest way of reflecting inner feelings in an outward form is through your appearance. Clothes are a creative expression of your inner self and of your reaction to your body and the world around you. This is a process we, women go through every day, but because it is mostly carried out almost subconsciously, it is not viewed as a creative expression.

Following my previous blog about how knowing your four feminine phases will help you optimise your potential, here is a way to reinforce it. By consciously choosing clothes and colours to match your phases, you are awakening within an awareness of the link between yourself, your body and your cycle and therefore reinforcing its qualities.

Being aware of your phase and dressing to express it subtly alters the way you walk, your gestures and your attitude towards people, because it is constantly strengthening the nature of the phase within you. You may also find that men and women will react to you differently at each phase by picking up this expression on a subconscious level.

Here are the four feminine phases and their matching styles.

Maiden Phase Style

During the Maiden phase you may find that you wish to wear a younger style of clothes and brighter colours. As your body is feeling slimmer and more athletic, you may want to show it off in tighter-fitting and more sensual styles, with bright, pastel colours and overtones of fun. To express your renewed independence, you may choose jeans, urban fresh daily workwear or short skirts to suit this phase of activity and energy. Have fun with your clothes, wear white if you feel like it and ‘sexy virgin’ underwear! You may be more attracted to citrus notes, green leaves and fresh earthy scents. Your sexuality is new and fun-loving, so express it in your hairstyle, clothes, jewellery and activities.

Mother Phase Style

During the Mother phase, you may find that your clothes tend to express nature or Earth Mother themes in their style and colour. You may find that you want to express the energies in flowing ethnic clothes, using natural fibres and dyes, in floral patterns or summer colours, or by using greens or reds to symbolize the life energies flowing through you. Mother phase holds a greater depth, so you may find that your choice of clothes is less frivolous, more feminine and more flowing. Allow your figure to show its curves but in a softer way than in the Maiden phase. If you have a cleavage, show it! With your deepening sexuality and inner confidence and strength, you may find that you are paid more attention by men. You may want to wear more jewellery in this phase and you’ll find a tendency towards floral and sweeter perfumes. The best expression of the Mother phase is the body itself and you may feel the need to be free of clothes altogether and only wear perfume. Obviously, this is not recommended for work or for subzero temperatures, but if you have the opportunity to walk naked around your home or even to just bare your breasts to the sun and the breeze, use it as an expression of the openness of yourself to nature and the creative energies of life.

Enchantress Phase Style

During the Enchantress phase you may feel sensual, erotic and witchy, as if you could spin magic from your fingertips. Reflect these feelings in your appearance. You may wish to dress in dark colours using soft, flowing fabrics and black, sensual underwear to reflect your erotic nature. Wear more intense perfumes with earthy, woody and amber notes. When you find that your breasts and belly start to swell, dress in such a way that makes you feel confident – this might be a sensual yet loose top or dress. With the increased sexuality and sensuality emerging in your body the larger breasts and belly can be welcomed as an expression of your womanhood.

Sage Phase Style

During the Sage phase, you may feel drawn towards the wearing of comforting or comfortable clothes. These may be old ‘faithful’ clothes which are easy to wear or free-flowing clothes like skirts or dresses. Your perfume in this phase will turn more spiritual and meditative; you may be attracted to blends containing resins or musky flowers. You may find that your breasts and belly are large at this time, so choose clothes which accept the roundness of your figure. If you are very shape-conscious you may choose to dress to cover your roundness, but do not fight your body or regard it with hatred; with the acceptance of the swelling of the body comes a serenity and a confidence in its fuller shape. Like the prehistoric Venus figurines, the fuller body is to be honoured. You may feel the appropriated colours you wish to wear are red to show your bleeding, black to indicate your withdrawal or perhaps purple to express a more esoteric nature. You may find that a shawl or wrap becomes a symbol of your introspection as a protective barrier between yourself and the world.

Altering your clothes throughout your cycle reinforces the qualities of each phase within you. Making a conscious choice when deciding what to wear you are optimising your abilities during each phase and therefore bringing to you success.

Shine bright naturally,

Sonia x

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